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Names In And Around Lyndon Kansas.

Burnett, Lucas 76, wife, Lavina. Live two miles N. W. of Lyndon, ilr. Burnett was born in Mass. and identified himself with Kanbaa in its beginning. He ia an old plainsman of 184S. He married Sarah Ward and settled down in Johnson Co. about 1860. After the birth of her seventh boy, she died at Black Jack 1878, soon after which time he moved to this place 7 boys.

Lucas Burnett.

Birth: Jun. 21, 1821.
Death: May 7, 1900.
Burial: Lyndon Cemetery, Lyndon, Osage County, Kansas.

Blackwell, Cyrus W. 71, his wife, Mary Ann died Jan. 13, 1897. since which time Mr. Blackwell has lived with his daughters in the Richview neighborhood, Melvern twp, 6 miles south of Lyndon. He came to Kan. from Ind. in 1887. Three of his children, viz. Mrs. Mary ,1ane Starr, Mrs. Calista E PATTERSON, and Mrs. Ann Richardson lived in Richview, and his brothers, James F. and John s. had lived in Lyndrtn 11 years when he came here. Besides the three children mentioned above he has a daughter Dora m. to Geo. Weber Jr. of Lyndon and two sons here.

Curry, Nathaniel G. 62, and wife S. A. live in Lyndon. Mr. Curry was a soldier in Co. G, 36, Ill., and Co. K., 14th., III. Cav. Milo Sipes who lives 2 miles east of Lydon is a son of Mre. Curry's by a foimer husbaud.

Service Cards.

Rank: Private.
Company: G.
Unit: 36 IL US INF.
Age: 22.
Height: 5' 8 1/2.
Hair: SANDY.
Eyes: GRAY.
Complexion: LIGHT.
Marital Status: SINGLE.
Occupation: FARMER.
Nativity: VA.
Joined When: AUG 19, 1861.
Joined Where: MORRIS, IL.
Period: WAR.
Muster In: AUG 20, 1861.
Muster In Where: AURORA, IL.

Rank: Private.
Company: K.
Unit: 14th., IL US CAV.
Age: 24.
Height: 5' 11.
Hair: LIGHT.
Eyes: HAZEL.
Complexion: SANDY.
Occupation: FARMER.
Nativity: VA.
Joined when: SEP 14, 1862.
Joined Where: PONTIAC, IL.
Period: 3 YRS.
Muster In: JAN 7, 1863.
Muster In Where: CAMP BUTLER, IL.
Remarks: DISCHARGED JUL 2, 1865.

Cotterman, W. A. 49,and wife Mary. Children, Eugene and Judith. Andy is an old settler of Co. E, 133 111. Inft, and while a young man, he with his father settled in Lyndon. They were among the earliest citizens. He was six years Clerk of Court, Osage Co. See sketch of Commander Cotterman and lyndon Post.

Service Card

Rank: Pivate.
Company: E.
Unit: 133 IL US INF.
Age: 18.
Height: 5' 8.
Hair: LIGHT.
Eyes: BLUE.
Complexion: DARK.
Marital Status: SINGLE.
Occupation: FARMER.
Nativity: SANGAMON CO, IL.
Joined When: MAY 9, 1864.
Joined Where: SPRINGFIELD, IL.
Period: 100 DAY.
Muster In: MAY 31, 1864.
Muster In Where: CAMP BUTLER, IL.
Muster Out: SEP 24, 1864.
Muster Out Where: SPRINGFIELD, IL.

Capper, P. Alfred 55, has for many years been one of the Lyndon Merchants; also one of the settlers of Salt Creek. 1870. Served in the U. S. marine service on gunboat "Naid." Mrs. Capper, of Indian descent, Sac and Fox tribe, divorced, m. "Wm. Whistler, of Sac and Fox Agency. A dau. of Mr. Cappers, Pauline 17, lives with her. Mrs. Whistler's maiden name was Fanny GOODElL. John Capper 21, at present a student at the Wentworth Military Institute, Lexington, Mo., assists his father in the store when at home.

Dempster, Miss Maud 19, lives with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Robt. H. Wynne, Lyndon. Dau. of the old soldier, Thomas Dempster, deceased. There are also 3 more children, who when not attending the Lyndon school are at home with their mother, Mrs Stephen Hobbs. Fred 18, Oka Dkll 16, and Jessie Dempster 14 are their names.

Fenn, Mrs. E. W. 60, widow of Dr. E. B. Fenn, an old soldier of the 4th Iowa Inft. Lives in Lyndon. Mrs. Estella Waddle, aldo of Lyndon is her daughter. Geo.Fenn, of Williamsburg, a son. They were commissioned to work among the Sac and Fox Indians at the Agency before the Reservation was open for settlement in 1866, and later the Dr. was their physician a term of years among them at the Sac and Fox Agency, Ind. Ty.

Ford, Harry 51, The Lyndon photographer. No family. An old soldier of Co. I lOth Mich. Cav. Has lived with James Campbell in Lyndon last 8 yrs. He has several branch stations in towns around but the work is finished at Lyndon.

Laybourn, Melvin L. 36, m. Fannie Guild, May, 1887; settling in a home that Mell had ready here in Lyndon. He followed the jewelry business some years when failing eye-sight warned him to quit. The years 1892-93 they tried Topeka but returned to Lyudon in 1894, and Sept. 19, 1895 launched the Current Remark newspaper; since which time they have steadily increased in prosperity and have the satisfaction of knowing that their paper is on a paying basis, able to hold its own right at home.

Swisher, H. C. 56, wife, Minnie. Ex-county 8heriff,1892-6, All old soldier of the 85th Ill. Infantry. He has been in the county some 15 years. A farmer at first. After his time was up as sheriff, with his son, John, thtty run a large hardware and implement store in Lyndon, and although they sold out their business in 1900, to Miles and Johnson, they still own the Swisher block. Mr. Swisher is suffering from something like a cancer in his face, and his been receiving treatment in Kansas City hospitals several months. The Swisher family is a large one and have a fine home in Lyndon. Two of the children are married and iu homes of their own in town. The 5 boys have been members of the Lyndon cornet band for several years. 7 children alive.  Edward, John, Lulu, Frederick, Frank, Bert, Emma.

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