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Rozel Kansas.

Where is Rozel?

Rozel, is a little town in Grant township, Pawnee county, is on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R., 17 miles west of Larned, the county seat. It has a bank, a mill, a grain elevator, a number of retail stores, telegraph and express offices; and a money order postoffice with two rural routes. The population in 1910 was 200.

How Rozel got it name.

With names like Rose Rosalia already on the map, what would one do with names like Roseilar Rozella, the name of the daughter of a land agent in Pawnee County?  Whateever her name , she was honored when the town was named Rozel.

The town changes names.

The town was first named Keysville, then changed to Ben Wade, honoring that outspoken rival of Chase from Ohio and that gadfly critic of President Johnson.  In 1893, the town was named Rozel.

History of The Post Offices.

Keysville, post office open 1877-12-07-1878-11-13.

Keysville, post office open 1878-12-11-1881-02-21, Name change to Ben Wade.

Keysville, post office open 1890-02-28-1891-06-30.

Ben Wade, post office open 1881-02-21-1893-06-15, Name change from Keysville. Moved to Rozel.

Rozel post office open 1893-06-15, Moved from Ben Wade.

Ben Wade, Keysville, Rozel.

The first Postmaster was Isaac UlshFeb. 21, 1881-June 15, 1893, Post office changed from Keysville before 1881, and to Rozel in July of 1893.

More facts about Rozel, Keysville, Ben Wade

Located , Grant Township, seventeen miles west of Larned on ATSF R. R. branch formerly the Chicago, Kansas, and Western Railroad to Jetmore with return to LLarned.  First Postmaster was Philo P. Wilson, June 15, 1893.  Post Office renamed Ben Wade.  The town was first named Keysville, then Ben Wade.  These locations were about one-half mile north of the current town of Rozel.  The original town site consisted of two city blocks.  On July 19, 1889, the SF R. R.deeded to the Arkansas Valley Town and Land Co, a tract of landfor the town-site.  Rozel was named in 1893, for the land agent of Pawnee county, daughter, "Rozella."  The town was incorporated on November 4, or 29, 1929, with a mayor council goverment.  It had a bank, mill, grain elevator, several retil stores, telegrapr/express offices, money order PO two rural mail routes in 1910.  Dr. A. E. Reed was the first doctor in 1904.  Then Dr. Howl in 1905, then Dr. Cayhill in 1907, and then Dr. J. H. Tapscott 1909-1959.

The population in 1910 was 200.  The town was first called Keysville and changed to Ben Wade.  The town had two major fires, a tornado and numerous floods.  Nearly the entire original town site was destroyed by fire on September 24, 1928.  A major tornado occurred on May 20, 1949.  Rozel is still a active small rual community. 

Civil War.

Luther H. Gerbon,  P.O. Ben Wade, Gun shot wound, left leg & left hand, pension 18.00, per month.

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