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Silas Rain.

Silas Rain.

Birth: March 5, 1825.
Death: September 22, 1903.

Wife: Mineva A. Rain.

Children : Ella ( Rain ) Crane, 1853-1881, wife of George W. Crane, married 1870.

Burial: Topeka Cemetery, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.

The earliest I was able to find him in Topeka, was in 1871, he was recorded as a farmer.

In 1872, Silas had a business called Sixth Avenue Livery Stable, under the name of S. Rain &  Co., His daughter Mrs.  Ella Rain Crane was one proprietors.

In 1900, he was Vice President of the Topeka Cemetery Association , in 1902, was Commissioner of the Second District for a term of 3 years at $900, per year.

Over the years in lived in many places some where. 215 W. Sixth, 1118 Van Buren, 57 E. Sixth.

Silas Rain was in the Livery business from 1871 through 1903.

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