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Fifth Avenue Hotel, Topeka, Kansas.

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The Fifth Avenue Hotel was constructed in 1870, and was at that time the most modern hotel, as well as the handsomest from an architectural standpoint, in the city. J. B. Fluno and the firm of Hankla Brothers were among the early managers, and T. J. Hankla is the present manager. The most noted event connected with the history of the Fifth Avenue Hotel was the entertainment on January 22, 1872, of the Grand Duke of Russia and his party who were just returning from a buffalo hunt in Western Kansas. The party included Grand Duke Alexis, Vice Admiral Poissiett, Lieutenant Tuder and Lieutenant Stortdegraff, of the imperial navy ; Chancellor of State W. T. Machin, Consul General Brodisco, Count Olsenfieff and Secretary Shuveloff. The American wing of the party was made up of Gen. Phil. H. Sheridan, Gen. George A. Custer and Colonels G. A. Forsythe, M. V. Sheridan and N. B. Sweetzer. The Kansas Legislature gave a reception and banquet at the Fifth Avenue Hotel in honor of the visitors.

Fifth Ave. Hotel Workers, 1871-1875.

Fifth Ave. Hotel, 1871.

J. B. Flane, Prop'r.
J. Montrose, Clerk.
N. Williams, ( Colored ) Porter.
Fifth Ave. Hotel 1872-1873
J. B. Fluno, Prop'r.
Charles Harwick, ( Colored ) Waiter.
William Haug, Billiard Hall & Saloon.
A. Kempton, Cook.
Henry Knox, Clerk.
Matt Lewis, ( Colored ) Waiter.
W. Lynch, ( Colored ) Porter.
J. E. Montrose, Book-Keeper.
James Slaughter, ( Colored ) Waiter.
Frank Tieman, ( Colored ) Waiter.
William Twiman, ( Colored ) Waiter.

Fifth Ave. Hotel 1874-1875.

Nellie Arnold, Laundry Maid.
Anda Brown, ( Colored ) Porter.
Jacob B. Fluno, Prop'r.
Will H. Hunter, Clerk.
Anna Landers, Laundry Maid.
Johnny McEarchen, Clerk.
J. Montrose, Clerk.
James Raveling, ( Colored ) Porter.
Pauline Richey, Chambermaid.
J. B. Thomas, Domestic.

Fifth Ave. Hotel Owners History.

T. J. HANKLA came to Kansas in 1869, and first located at Leavenworth, where he remained about two years. In 1871 he moved to Emporia and engaged in hotel business, which he carried on in that place until October, 1877, when he came to Topeka and leased the Fifth Avenue Hotel, of which he was proprietor until June, 1882. He opened the Windsor, February 1, 1882, one of the finest and best conducted hotels in Kansas, and of which he is now proprietor. Mr. Hankla is a native of Boyle County, Ky., which was his home until 1869. His brother Joseph has been associated with him since 1876; firm of T. J. Hankla & Bro.
HARRIS & McARTHUR, proprietors Fifth Avenue Hotel, built in 1872 and opened by Mr. Bruno. The house contains forty-five rooms, and has a capacity for 150 guests. June 19, 1882, the present proprietors, Messrs. Harris & McArthur, of Columbus, Ohio, assumed control of the house, since which time they have greatly improved the house, and increased patronage shows how well they perform the duties of hotel managers. Edward Harris, senior member of the firm, is a native of Belmont County, Ohio, where he was born June 1, 1835. Resided there until he was twenty-three years of age, and in 1858, moved to Pickerington, Fairfield County, where he continued to reside until moving to Kansas. For several years was engaged in raising and breeding fine stock horses and cattle, the horses being of Hambletonian, Hiatoga and Morgans; the cattle were Short-horns. Was married in February, 1858, near Barnesville, Belmont Co., Ohio, to Miss Susan B. Atwell, a native of that county, and has two children living--Maitland and Mary B.

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