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Charles Nattsen.

Charles Nattsen.

Birth: September 7, 1847.
Death: November 27, 1915.

Wife: Christiana ( 1846-1942.)

Children: Alma and Lillian.

Burial: Topeka Cemetery, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.

Charles Nattsen was a Boot and Shoe make.  In 1874 he was recorded as being a shoe maker but no business was given.  He was living on sixth Ave.  Some time between 1874 and 1880 he moved to 125 Tyler and would live there the rest of his life.

His business would move three times from 1880 to 1905.
In the years of 1882 through 1886, his business was at 87 E., sixth street.
In the years of 1888-1889, his business was at 202 W. Sixth street..
In the years of 1893 through 1905, his business was at 219 Kansas Ave.

Charles Nattsen Business Advertisements.
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