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Kansas Soldiers & Medical History.

Abijh Stacy, private, Kansas 12th., infantry, Co. H., enlisted August 18, 1862, mustered in September 30, 1862.  Discharged for disability December 31, 1864, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Medical History.

Case 11., Private A. Stacy, Co. H, 12th Kansas, received a severe wound of the left leg by an axe on March 17, 1864. He was sent to hospital at Fort Leavenworth. In September, 1864, the limb was amputated by short anterior and long posterior flaps by Dr. Clark. The patient recovered with a good stump, and was fitted with an artificial limb by B. Frank Palmer, at New York, June 23, 1866. He is a pensioner, and was paid March 4, 1876.

Theodore Ingersoll, private, Kansas 8th., cavalry, Co. E., Residence Wilmongton, enlisted September 13, 1861, mustered in September 16, 1861.  Mustered out September 16, 1864, Chattanooga, Tenn., wounded in action September 19, 1863, Chicamauga Ga.

Medical History.

Case 813., Private T. Ingersoll, Co. E, 8th Kansas, aged 20 years, was wounded by a ball striking the internal malleolus of the left ankle, at Chickamauga, September 11), 1863. He passed through several hospitals, and was mustered out of service September 19, 1864, and pensioned. Examining surgeons certify to weakness and slight enlargement of the ankle joint. His pension was paid to June, 1879.

Julius Relham,Corporal, Kansas 1St., infantry, Co. K., Residence Atchison, enlisted May 31, 1861, mustered in same.  Promoted Sergeany November 22, 1862, transferred to Vet, Res. Corps, April 19, 1864.

Medical History.

CASE 1061. Corporal Julius Relham, Co. K, 1st Kansas, aged 21 years, was wounded at Wilson's Creek, August 10, 1801, and entered the "House of Refuge" Hospital, St. Louis, on August 16th. Assistant Surgeon S. M. Horton, U. S. A., reported : " The following is an interesting case of a minisball splitting in two by the resistance offered by the zygoma of the left side of the face. One-half of the ball was found embedded in the corresponding cheek beneath the middle portion of the masseter muscle; the other half was found and extracted from beneath the outer portion of the platysma myoides of the same side. The zygoma was not broken. The case was that of Corporal Julius Relham, of Co. K, of the 1st Kansas regiment, who was wounded at the battle of Wilson's Creek, August 10, 1801. He left the hospital for his regiment, well, November 15, 18151. The inertia of a spongy zygoma splitting a minie ball of lead is similar to that of a tallow candle resisting the woody fibres of a pine board when shot through it from a gun." Relham was mustered out May 31, 1864, and pensioned. Examiner W. Jewell, of Philadelphia, reported, December 27, 1864 : " Ball passed through his left cheek, lodging near the angle of the lower jaw. The ball was extracted. The wound continues to discharge and is probably connected with the duct of Steno. The jaw is contracted, preventing the opening of the mouth more than half an inch." The Philadelphia Examining Board, January 3, 1872, certified : "Ball entered through middle of superior maxillary bone of right side; a part of it was extracted in the mouth and another part in the neck below the angle of the lower jaw. All the back teeth of upper jaw of right side decayed in consequence. He has occasional discharge from wound through mouth and nose. Motions of jaw limited and painful; can chew on one side only." The same board reported. September. 7, 1877: "Scar of entrance is puckered to a point and adherent. Exit is fast to muscles of neck and drags badly."

John W. Long, Corporal, Kansas 8th., cavalry, Co. I., Residence Geneseo, Illinois, enlisted September 30, 1861, mustered in same.  Re-enlisted Veteran, wounded in action, September 19, 1863, Chicamauga, Ga., Veteran First Sergeant, enlisted January 1, 1864, mustered in January 7, 1864.  Killed in action December 15, 1864, Nashville, Tenn.

Medical History.

Case 1165, Sergeant J. W. Long I, 8th Kansas, age 23; shot fracture, right leg, December 16, 1864; December 17, amputation at knee joint; December18, hremorrhage from interual articular artery; ligation of face of stump on same day; December 25, hremorrhage external articular; death December 26, 1864.

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