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Elizabeth Cody ( Battey ) Metcalf.

I found Elizabeth Metcalf, a very interesting woman it was a little unusual  to find a woman in business of her own in the 1870's and 1880's, but in business she was, she was a Millinery.

Elizabeth and Charles A. Metcalf were married on June 23, 1857, at Providence Rhode Island, he was 22 and she was 19.  Charles was the son of John E. and Mary Metcalf, Elizabeth was the daughter of Stephen and Rebecca Battey.

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The records don't say where they came from but were in Topeka, Kansas in 1871, Charles A. or ( C. A. ), was listed as a Transfer,  Elizabeth or ( E. C. ) was listed as a Millinery her store was at 210 Kansas Ave., they lived at 196 Kansas Ave. In 1872 Elizabeth moved her store to 208 Kansas Ave., and Charles was now a Teamster they lived on Monroe Street. In 1874, the records are the same.

The next time we hear of them is in 1880, Elizabeth store was at 239 Kansas Ave. and lived at 267 Monroe Street.  In 1881 the records are the same.

In 1882 Elizabeth store was at the same place, but Charles now worked for the Topeka Fire Department, on the night duty as a hose man for No.1.  They lived at the same place.

In 1885 to 1886, Elizabeth moved her store to 239 Kansas Ave. She was living at 267 Monroe Street, no record of Charles.

Elizabeth in 1887 to 1888, moved her store to 723 Kansas Ave. and moved to 815,Monore Street, no record of Charles.

Between 1888 and 1889 Elizabeth moved her store again this time to 803 Kansas Ave.  Lived the same.  No record of Charles.

In 1890 to 1891 Elizabeth is shown not to have a store and is now a "Widow", living at 817 Monroe

After 1891 Elizabeth no longer had a store but kept living at 817 Monroe Street till 1905, then moved to 1501 Kansas Ave.

Charles and Elizabeth came to Topeka, with one daughter Edith L. Metcalf born in 1863 Rhode Island.  They had other daughter Ruby C. Metcalf born in Topeka, in 1889, died at birth.

Edith Metcalf lived with her mother and father.  Edith worked as a Assistant City Clerk and for the Post Office as the Supt. of the money order division.  As a City Clerk she was paid $840, dollars per year.  In 1887 to 1888 she was a Milliner in Elizabeth store.

There is no records found on the death or burial of Charles A. Metcalf nor Edith L. Metcalf.

Elizabeth died in 1909, and is buried at the Topeka Cemetery in the Battey family plot, under the name of E. C. Metcalf Battey.


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