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Oscar J. G. Seitz

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Oscar J.G. Seitz.

Birth: Oct. 17, 1838.
Death: Jul. 8, 1906.

The following is from the booklet, Gypsum Hill Cemetery Historical Walk, published by the City of Salina, Parks & Recreation and the Salina Public Library.

Oscar and Johanna Seitz were immigrants from Kassel, Germany, who established a prominent business family in Salina. Oscar came to America in time to serve as a Union soldier in the Civil War. Upon arriving in Kansas after the war, he was told that the little town of Salina would be an ideal place for a businessman. When the railroad reached here in 1867, the Seitz drug and chemical business was off and running. Oscar could then think about a family. He brought Johanna Wulp, whom he had courted by correspondence, across the ocean to become his wife. She adapted well to the Kansas prairie, enriching the growing community with her love of music. She owned the first piano in Salina, which was frequently transported by wagon to the scene of dances and parties. The Seitz Drug Store, Seitz Real Estate Company and the Seitz Shoe Store were long time fixtures in Salina.

Burial: Gypsum Hill Cemetery, Salina, Saline County, Kansas.

Oscar Seitz, president of the Seitz, Chemical Co., Manufacturers of Setiz Dyspepsia cure.  Also proprietor of Setiz's Eagle Drug store, located at 107 North Santa Fe, Salina, Kansas.  The drug store is the second to the last store on the right.

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