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The Copeland Hotel, Topeka Kansas.

 Picture publish date 1905.
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J. C. Gordon built a new hotel on the southeast corner of Kansas Avenue and ninth street, it was called the Copeland Hotel.  It was a four story building was spacious annea, it construction was 1883.

The Copeland was located near the State Capitol and was a sort of headquarters for politicians especially the Republicans.  News Paper correspondent, Fred L. Vandegrift, gave it the poplar designation of "Copeland County."

The Copeland Hotel was destroyed by fire on January 14, 1909, at a loss of $52,000.

Many Kansas Statesmen and Topeka businesses men used the Copeland Hotel as their residence and offices.  Governor W. E. Stanley ( 1899 ), stayed there will in office and Governor E. N. Morrill ( 1896 ).  The Stedman Literary Club, held their meetings there.  In 1890, Doctor J. Albert Berry was the Copeland Holel, Physician.

Workers of the Copeland Hotel, through the years.
Irving W. Doolittle, Clerk.
Charles Hagerman, Steward.
H. M. Shaw, Clerk.
R. S. Brownell, Clerk.
A. E. Guest, Housekeeper.
O. P. M. Wiley, Clerk.
Mark Freeman, Cook.
William H. Jenkins, Porter.
Morella Lee, Waiter.
Nellie McBride, Waiter.
Schuyler Nichols, Clerk.
Schuyler C. Nichols, Clerk.
Mary Reed, Waiter.
H. M. Shaw, Clerk.
Libbie Smith, Waiter.
Stella Van Horn, Dishwasher.
A. P. M. Wiley, Clark.
S. W. Brdsall, Clerk.
Mark Freeman, Cook.
H. M. Shaw, Chief Clerk.
Kittie Clyde, Chambermaid.
L. Doran, Cook.
Mark Freeman, Cook.
Mrs.  E. Jerram, Housekeeper.
Maggie Manchester, Chambermaid.
H. P. Knight, Manager.
John Clements, Waiter.
Frank M. Curtis, Manger.
A. H. Friedley, Night Clerk.
Frank Haley, Cook.
William H. Lucas, Waiter.
Isaac Northington, Janitor.
Jacob Prier, Waiter.
Joseph Smith, Waiter.
James Chappelle, Prop. of the Copeland Hotel.
Mary Dwyer, Chambermaid.
F. E. Etter, Chief Clerk.
Mae Finn, Housekeeper.
William H. Henderson, Waiter.
Frank Irwin, Headwaiter.
O. T. Vaughn, Night Clerk.

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