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Doctor Andrew J. Huntoon.

Picture publish date 1898.
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Andrew J. Huntoon.

Birth: Feb. 18, 1832, Unity, Sullivan County, New Hampshire.
Death: May 27, 1902, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.

Andrew married Elizabeth P. Foster, daughter of Henry Prentice Foster and Elvira, on 22 Nov 1854

May 27, 1902, obituary published in Topeka, Shawnee Co., Kansas:

Dr.  Andrew Jackson Huntoon, a pioneer Kansan, formerly surgeon and captain in the army and who participated in the border troubles of Kansas, died early this morning after several months' illness, at the age of seventy years, at his home at No. 333 Harrison Street.... Dr. Huntoon was the father of a family of four children. Only one child is living, Mrs. Julia Pounds, wife of Thos. E. Pounds, a mine owner of Joplin Mo. He has a brother living, Col. George Huntoon of No. 219 Huntoon street. Charles Foster was a brother-in-law. Dr. Huntoon's wife, and Mrs. Foster were brother and sister.... Dr. Huntoon was one of twins, the twins being a boy and a girl. They were born on the 29th of February, 1832, leap year, therefore having a birthday only once every four years.

Inscription: CO B KAN S.M.INF

Burial: Topeka Cemetery, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.

Andrew J. Huntoon advertisements

In 1871, Mr.  Huntoon advertise as being a Physician, business at 143 Kansas Ave., residence corner of Harrison and Fourth street.

In 1872-1873, Mr. Huntoon advertise read; Livery and Sale Stable North West corner Seventh and Jackson streets, residence North West corner Fourth and Harrison Streets.

In 1874 , the advertise was the same for 1871.

For 1880, see advertisement.

For 1882 see advertisement.

In 1885-1886, Mr. Huntoon advertisement read; County Treasure, Livery Stable, corner Seventh and Jackson street, residence 105 east Harrison street.

In 1887-1888, Mr.  Huntoon advertise Livery and Feed Stable, 206 West Seventh, residence 333 Harrison phone 213.

In 1888-1889, Mr.  Huntoon advertise his business in Topeka as Livery, Feed and Hack Stable, at 212 West Seventh street, residence 333 Harrison, phone No. 213.

In 1890-1891, Mr. Huntoon advertise his business as Livery Stable, 206, West Seventh street, residence 335 Harrison, phone No. 213.

In 1893-1894, the advertise was the same for 1890-1891.

In 1896-1897, Mr.  Huntoon, advertise his business in Topeka as Livery Sale & Boarding Stables, business was at 206 West Seventh street, residence was 335 Harrison, phone No. 213.

Although Mr.  Huntoon died in 1902, he was still in business.

The year 1880.
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