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Porters of Topeka, Kansas, Through The Years.

This page was done just for the fun of it.. However there is a serious side to this post.  I know there are many looking for a ancestor that was living in Topeka, Kansas, within a certain time frame, for this reason this post may be of help to you. 
All the names listed here were Porters they could be of a colored race or white, the information doesn't say, but when indicated I will note it.
Job's of a Porter.
1.  a person hired to carry burdens or baggage, as at a railroad station or a hotel.
2.  a person who does cleaning and maintenance work in a building, factory, store, etc.
3.  an attendant in a railroad parlor car or sleeping car.
Note.  Names with Porter at the end means no job business was given.
Names highlighted in black, tells what business they worked at.
All names are alphabetically in order.
Topeka 1871.
J. Bennett ( Colored ), Porter K. P. R. R.
J. Callanan, Porter.
J. Knox, Porter.
J. Lazzelle, Porter.
James W. Phillips ( Colored ), Porter, Brown & Hindman.
N. Williams ( Colored ), Porter Fifth Avenue Hotel.

Topeka 1872-1873.

L. Brooks, ( Colored ), Porter Capitol Hotel.
James Frazer, ( Colored ), Porter Crane & Byron.
George Green, ( Colored ), Porter McMeekin House.
M. Lawrence, Porter Tefft House.
W. Lynch, ( Colored ), Porter Fifth Ave., Hotel.
John Mosby, (colored ), Porter McMeekin House.
William Pepper, ( Colored ), Porter Goslin & Co.
James B. Post, Porter Hartsock & Gossett.
C. Pullman, Porter Capital House.
James Raveling, ( Colored ), Porter Fifth Ave., Hotel.

Topeka 1874.

Anda Brown, ( Colored ), Porter Fifth, Ave. Hotel.
D. Brown, ( Colored ), Porter Tefft House.
James Johnson, ( Colored ), Porter McMeekin House North Topeka.
William Mat, ( Colored ), Porter Tefft House.
James H. Raveling, ( Colored ), Porter Fifth Ave., Hotel.
James Sloughter, ( Colored ), Porter Hance & Sutherland.
George A. Thomas, Porter Quincy Engine House.

Topeka 1880.

Harry Adams, ( Colored ), Porter Tefft House.
Ezeriah Allen, ( Colored ), Porter.
Andrew Brown, ( Colored ), Porter.
Jackson Brown, ( Colored ), Pullman Porter.
Harvey Caldwell, ( Colored ), Porter.
Otis Gregg, Porter.
Peter Latty, ( Colored ), Porter Palace Hotel.
Thomas McManiss, Porter.
Thomas J. McManus, Porter.
William Milehrm, ( Colored ), Porter Fifth Ave., Hotel.
John Mosby, ( Colored ), Porter Tefft House.
Cliff Mucks, ( Colored ), Porter.
Stephen Pasker, ( Colored ), Porter.
George Robinson, Porter Palace Hotel.
Aaron Smith, ( Colored ), Porter.
Alexander Smith, Porter.
George Smith, ( Colored ), Porter.
Charles Sneard, ( Colored ), Porter Tefft House.
Samuel Thompson, ( Colored ), Porter.

Topeka 1882.

Andrew Brown, ( Colored ), Porter Fifth Ave., Hotel.
Jack Brown, ( Colored ), Porter Sleeping Car.
H. Colwell, ( Colored ), Porter.
Charles Cooper, Porter Palace Hotel North Topeka.
R. Downing, Palace Hotel North Topeka.
Stern Foster, ( Colored ), Porter.
Henry Gramphrey, ( Colored ), Porter.
William Hilton, Porter Dutton House.
Crawford Jones, ( Colored ), Porter.
Harrison Kennedy, ( Colored ), Porter.
William Milam, ( Colored ), Porter Fifth Ave., Hotel.
John Mosby, ( Colored ), Porter.
Frank Payne, ( Colored ), Porter.
William Pullen, ( Colored ), Porter.
W. Rolf, ( Colored ), Porter.
Emanuel Schlegle, ( Colored ), Porter Gordon House.
G. W. Scott, ( Colored ), Porter.
Aaron Smith, ( Colored ), Porter Fifth Ave., Hotel.
George Smith, ( Colored ), Porter.
William Spiggs, ( Colored ), Porter.

Topeka 1887-1888.

William M. Bacon, Porter.
C. J. Baker, Porter.
Henry Beck, Porter.
Henry Bizzell, Porter.
Jackson Brown, Porter.
Jack Brown, Porter.
Harvey Caldwell, Porter.
William Campbell, Porter W.A. L. Thompson Hardware Co.
Allen Ellison, Porter.
O. Halderman, Porter.
Edward Harris, Porter St. James Hotel.
Samuel Higgins, Porter.
Daniel Hyde, Porter Throop Hotel.
G. L. Jefferson, Porter.
Lee Jefferson, Porter Windsor Hotel.
Henry Johns, Porter.
Henry Johnson, Porter.
Andy Jordan, Porter Barnes & Sim.
Alex. McAdams, Porter Windsor Hotel.
I. A. McAdams, Porter.
Ed. Matley, Porter Throop Hotel.
F. Matley, Porter.
James Murl, Porter.
George Newberry, Porter St. Nicholas Hotel.
Ed. Owens, Porter Dutton House.
Freeling Payne, Porter Copeland Hotel.
Walter M. Rainey, Porter.
Henry W. Rolfe, Porter.
W. O. Scott, Porter.
J. R. Taylor, Porter.
George W. Todd, Porter.

Topeka 1888-1889.
Joseph Bacon, Santa Fe. Office.
Alfred Beronius, porter.
Andrew Brown, Porter.
Jack Brown, Porter.
Jack Brown, Porter.
Gus Buckner, Porter.
Jno Edmonds, Porter.
Allen Ellison, Porter.
Harry Franklin, Porter.
John Gooden, Porter.
W. B. Hamilton, George W. Crane Publishing Co.
Daniel Hide, Porter.
Andrew Jackson, Dutton House.
Alfred Jones, Porter.
Andrew Jordan, Sim Bros.
Edward Link, Porter.
Charles Lundburg, Porter.
Charles Lundburg, Porter.
Jeff McCemore, Porter.
William McCemore, Windsor Hotel.
E. W. Mattley, Porter.
William Mileham, Railroad Porter.
Charles Morton, Porter.
Felix North, Porter.
Nicholas North, Porter.
Benjamin Thompson, Porter.
Fountain F. Thurman, Windsor Hotel.
George W. Todd, Porter.
Thomas Vaughn, Porter.
George Ware, Clements & Chaffee.
William Warren, Porter.
John Wessley, Porter.
J. W. White, George W. Crane Publishing Co.
Terry Williams, Porter.
G. W. Woodard, Porter.
Francis Young, Porter.

Topeka 1890-1891

Frank Allen, Porter.
Alfred V. Beronius, Porter Santa FE. R. R.
Jackson Brown, Porter.
E. Burnett, Porter.
Harvey Caldwell, Porter Santa Fe. R. R.
Henry Comer, Porter.
Garrett Davis, Porter.
Ed. Drain, Porter Santa Fe. Ry, Office.
John M. Fergoson, Porter Fifth Avenue Hotel.
Julian Gibbons, Railway Porter.
John B. Hall, Porter Santa Fe. Ry.
Solomon Harman, Porter Stevenson & Peckham.
Ben Huntsberger, Porter.
William H. Jenkins, Porter Copeland Hotel.
Andrew Jordan, Porter.
Henry King, Porter Hotel Throop.
Albert Link, Porter.
Charles Lundborg, Porter Santa Fe. Ry Office.
Newton McAfee, Porter.
Ed. W. Matley, Porter.
William Payne, Porter.
E. Price, Porter.
C. T. Proctor, Porter.
George Slaughter, Porter Santa Fe. Ry. Office.
Allen Smith, Porter.
B. F. Thompson, Porter Santa Fe. Ry. Office.
Benjamin S. Thompson, Porter.
Henry Washington, Porter.
George Wear, Porter.
Thomas Weaver, Porter.
John Wesley, Porter Santa Fe. Ry Office.
Harry Williams, Porter Dutton House.
Henry Wilson, Porter.
Charles Zinn, Railway Porter.

Topeka 1893-1894.

C. D. Asbury, Porter.
John Baker, Porter.
Tom Branford, Porter.
Harvey Caldwell, Porter.
Richard Craiger, Porter Santa Fe.
William Graham, Porter.
G. L. Jefferson, Porter.
Thomas Lewis, Porter.
E. W. Mattley, Porter.
Ed. McClelland, Porter.
William Milam, Porter.
William Patten, Porter.
Charles C. Price, Porter.
James Richardson, Porter.
Jordan Richardson, Porter.
A. Ritchison, Porter.
Albert Thomas, Porter Sr. James Hotel.
Ben Williams, Porter.
Edward Wright, Porter.

Topeka 1896-1897.

Robert Barton, Porter.
W. M. Brown, Porter.
Francis Campbell, Porter Hub Clothing Co.
Harry Cigler, Porter Dutton House.
William Conley, Porter.
William Conley, Porter.
James Davis, Porter.
William Delk, Porter.
Edward Drain, Porter.
William Eagleson Jr., Porter.
J. W. Edmonds, Porter Kansas State Printing Co.
Hayden Edmonds, Porter.
Robert Edwards, Porter.
Spotter Ellis, Porter.
Daniel Ezell, Porter.
William Graham, Porter Rock Island Route.
Oliver Halterman, Porter.
George Hamilton, Porter.
James Harper, Porter.
Ed. Haskins, Porter.
Henry Johns, Porter AT & SF R. R.
J. S. Jordan, Porter Fifth Ave., Hotel.
George Kerchavil, Train Porter.
Tom Langom, Porter.
E. W. Matley, Porter.
Robert McKeen, Porter.
Edward Miller, Porter.
James Moos, Porter Commercial Hotel.
Peter Mortonson, Porter.
David E. Over, Porter Kellam Book Co.
William Patton, Porter.
W. H. Perry, Porter.
Silvester Persells, Porter.
W. W. Plumb, Porter Rock Island Route.
William Price, Porter.
William Reynolds, Porter Greenwald & Co.
William Sawyer, Porter.
Austin Sharp, Porter.
Samuel Shuck, Porter General Office At & SF. R. R.
John Smiley, Porter.
Cecil Smith, Porter.
Henry Smith, Porter.
Richard Smith, Porter.
B. F. Thompson, Porter AT & SF R. R.
James Tyler, Porter Throop Hotel.
D. L. Washington, Porter.
Walter Ware, Porter.
Walter Wear, Porter.
James White, Porter.
Andrew Williams, Porter.
Ben Williams, Porter.

Topeka 1899-1900.
Alexander Allen, Porter.
Grant Bird, Porter Santa Fe. Hospital.
George Bradford, Porter.
Fordy Bradfort, Porter.
William Brien, Porter.
Milton Brown, Porter.
Henry Cabbell, Porter.
Rasnay S. Christian, Porter.
Edward Crane, Railroad Porter.
John Dandridge, Porter Crosby Bros.
P. C. Danford, Porter.
H. Davis, Porter Santa Fe. Hospital.
W. Davis, Porter Santa Fe. Hospital.
Edward Drain, Porter General Office Santa Fe. Ry.
William Eagleson, Porter Santa Fe. Hospital.
Albert Elexander, Porter.
Charles W. French, Porter Special Car Santa Fe. Ry.
William Graham, Train Porter.
George Hamilton, Porter.
Arthur Harris, Porter.
Edmonds Hayden, Porter Topeka State Journal.
Don Hyde, Porter General Office Santa Fe. Ry.
G. L. Jefferson, Porter C. R. I. & P. Ry.
W. H. Jenkins, Train Porter.
Dan Jones, Train Porter.
Grant Jones, Porter
Andrew Jordan, Porter.
Simon Jordan, Porter.
George W. Kerchavil, Railroad Porter.
A. W. Link, Train Porter.
James R.  Martin, Porter.
John MAtheney, Porter.
Walter McClain, Porter Greenwald's.
Samuel McLemore, Porter.
Henry Muray, Porter.
Duke Noland, Porter.
John D. Page Jr., Porter Warren M. Crosby & Co.
James Richardson, Porter The Palace Clothing Co.
Oliver Richardson, Porter.
Samuel Shuck, Porter General Office Santa Fe. Ry.
John Smiley, Porter Hotel Throop.
George Swartz, Porter.
Benjamin F. Thompson, Porter General Office Santa Fe. Ry.
James E. Turner, Porter.
Terry Williams, Porter.
Frank Young, Porter.


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