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Fred Poppendick, Topeka, Kansas.

Fred Poppendick is a mystery he is known to be in Topeka, in 1871, he had a Restaurant, Saloon and Billiard Hall on Kansas Ave.  He was still in business in 1872-1874.  After 1874 he is no longer listed in the city directory, then in 1880 he is listed again.  He is hard to find in the listings as his name was spelled many ways; Popendick, Popindick and most common Poppendick.

In 1880, he lived at 152 Quincy Street, while his Restaurant, Saloon and Billiard Hall was on Kansas Ave.  After 1880, his businesses are no longer listed in the city directory.  However in 1885 he is listed as being a resident of Kansas City Missouri.  Then in 1887, he is listed as living at 314 Tyler Street in Topeka, after 1887 he is no longer heard from.

Mr. Poppendick was also a member of the Topeka Turnverein, as a flag bearer.

Authors Note.  If any one has any information on Mr.  Poppendcik I would like to hear about it.

Update December 2, 2013.

His real name is Fredinand, also went by Fred and Frank Poppendick.  was born in 1829, Prussia, died on June 27, 1914, in Chicago, Illinois, and brought back to Topeka for burial at the Topeka Cemetery on July 1, 1914.  His wife Mary Ann Poppendick, died in Topeka? in 1886, she is buried in the Topeka Cemetery.  They had children but not listed here, but they are recorded in the records at the cemetery..

Year 1880.
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Poppendick House, 1880.
Here is a list of workers of the Poppendick House.
Fred Poppendick, Prop.& Clerk, Residence 152 Quincy, St.
Nick Bader, Night Clerk, Residence same.
Charles Carter, "Colored" Yardman, residence same.
John Donald, :Colored" Scullion, Residence same.
Max Flemming, Clerk, Residence same.
Alexander Humboldt, Cook, Residence same.
Alexander Page, "Colored" Cook, Residence same.
Thomas M. Williams "Colored" Waiter, Residence same.
George Wright, "Colored" Waiter, Residence same.
Other Advertisements.
Year 1871.
Year 1872.

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