Saturday, December 14, 2013

National & Topeka Starch Co.

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National & Topeka Starch Co.
The National Starch Company was incorporated on December 10, 1886, with a capital of $150,000, Thomas O. McGrew; manger.  
The Starch Factory of 1877 was a early experimental institutions for the manufacturing possibilities of Sorghum and Glucose products. The factory was located in the area of 4th street and Golden, Cyrus K. Holliday and J. G. Sloneker were interested financially.

 In 1890, the Topeka Starch Company own it they ran successfully for about 12 years. In 1890, the earlier manager T. O. McGrew retired and C. H. Titus took over as supervisor. In February of 1891, the factory was ordered closed by the Trust at the time of the closing the factory had about 40 workers and $20,000 dollars worth of products on hand. On October 21, 1902 fire consumed the old factory.

In 1896 through 1897, the National Starch factory had a capital of $50,000, and was not in operation.

In 1899 through 1900, C. H. Titus, was superintend of the National Starch factory.

In 1902, C. H. Titus, was manger of the National Starch factory. 

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