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James Alfred Polley.

James Alfred Polley.

Birth: 1837, Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio.
Death: Aug. 30, 1911, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.

Wife: Nancy Y. Polley (1816 - 1882).

Burial: Topeka Cemetery, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.

He served as 1st Sergeant in the 2nd Kansas Militia and was captured at the Battle of the Blue on 22 October, 1864. He and 2 others escaped on 25 October and he lived a long successful life in Topeka, where he was known for his prize-winning buggies and carriages

James A. Polley, business was manufacturing buggies, carriages, wagons, and blacksmithing.  In 1871, his business was called "Polley & Town , Carriage Manufactures."  In 1972-1873 it was under the name of "J. A. Polley & Co."  In 1880 it was called "Topeka Carriage Factory."  In 1882-1883 it was called just "J. A. Polley."

Date 1872-1873.
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The workers for 1872-1873.
Frederick Brown, Painter.
Frank Brubaker, Painter.
John Doty, Blacksmith.
Charles Golden, Blacksmith.
J. Lyon, Painter.
Richard Mason, Blacksmith.
Charles Patterson, Painter.
Amos Plaxton, Blacksmith.
W. C. Roach, Carriage maker.
Edwin Robinson, Blacksmith.
A. J. Scherstein, Carriage trimmer.
David Zimmerman, Book keeper.
Date 1880.
Date 1882-1883.

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