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Marmaton Kansas.

Here are three different histories of Marmaton or Marmiton Kansas.  This information was taken from three sources and time frames.

Logan's Railway Business Directory, 1873.

Marmaton, Kansas is a flag station 7 miles south of Fort Scott; 117 and a half miles from Sedalia; 306 and a half miles from St Louis.  No houses here only a side track for passing of trans.

Kansas Atlases, Bourbon County,1878.

Marmaton in Marmaton Township,about 8 miles west of Fort Scott,wasonce the County Seat of Bourbon county, and a lively place.  The town was sacked and burned by rebels on the night of October 21,1864, when Major Horation Knowles, Dr. L. M. Shadwick, P.M. Daniel Brown, M.Hawkins and a boy named McGoniole were killed, and Jones & Knowles store burned.

The first building was erected in Marmaton was in 1858.  Some of the best farms in the county lie west of the town in the Marmaton Valley.

Kansas a Cyclopedia of State History, 1912.

Marmaton, one of the historic old towns of Bourbon county, is situated on the Marmaton river and the Missouri Pacific R. R. 6 miles west of Fort Scott. The original town site was located in 1858 and within a short time several buildings were erected. In 1860 a mill was built and in 1862 the town probably reached the height of its prospect. On Oct. 22, 1864, it was sacked and burned by part of Price's army during his raid through Kansas.

When the railroad was built in 1882 it passed about three-quarters of a mile from the town, which was abandoned and a number of the buildings were moved to the railroad. For many years the name was spelled Marmiton, but upon the petition of citizens the name was changed back to the old form in 1882. The new town on the railroad has prospered. It has a money order post office, several good stores, express and telegraph facilities and is the supply and shipping point for a considerable district. In 1910 the population was 108.

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