Thursday, January 15, 2015

John P Sheilds.

John P. Sheilds.

Birth: Abt. 1816,Pennsylvania.
Death: Unknown.

Wife:Mary A. Sheilds.

Children: John F., Fanny and Ada Sheilds.


It is not known just when Mr. Sheilds came to Labette County,Kansas,and settled in the town of Chetopa,Kansas. Chetopa was just a village in 1869, became a city of the third class in 1870.

The Logan's Railway Business Directory records him in Chetopa in 1873.  He was a Attorney and Justice of the Peace.  In 1880 he was still living in Chetopa, as a Attorney.  After 1880,I lost all track of him.

In 1906, I found a J. F.Sheilds, this bust be his son John F. Sheilds,he was in the business of Lumber, Lime and Cement, ln Chetopa.Again I lost all track of him.  I was unable to find any burials records of any of the family members..

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