Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Urish Family Of Scranton Kansas.

The Urish family were early settlers in the Scranton community Henry J. and Lucy Urish, coming from Sand Prairie, Illinois, in the spring of 1880 with their small son.  Theie farm located one and one-half miles Northeast of Scranton had been purchased from Amos Davis in 1879.

Henry and Lucy Urish were the parents of seven sons and one daughter.  Lou the youngest son, has been a lifelong resident of this community and has many memories of the early days.  His parents first house was a log cabin, laterreplaced by a large two story house.  His father raised percheron horses, importing thorough-bred breeding stock from France.

The railroad bridge was the only bridge across 110 Mile Creek at the time.  Wagon tracks where early setters drove overland between Scranton and Carbondale and still visible in the Urish pasture todat.

Ridgeway Township map, 1899.
The Urish name was also spelled Urich.
The map is so you can see just where their land was located.

Henry Urish, Farmer and Cattle Frrder, Ridgeway Township, Section 23, P. O. Carbondale.
H. J. Urish,  Farmer and Cattle Frrder, Ridgeway Township, Section 35, P. O. Scranton..

The dates on these pictures are not stated but were plub., 1899.
The dates on this picture is not stated but was plub., 1918..

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