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Bluff City, Kansas.

Bluff City, Kansas

Harper County.
Stohrville Township map, 1902.
Bluff City Post Office History.
Bluff Creek post office open July 24, 1878 and ran to February 1, 1887, moved to Bluff.  Bluff post office open February 1, 1887 and ran to January 28, 1890, name changed to Bluff City.  Bluff City post office open January 28, 1890 and was still open in 1961.  First postmaster was Samuel E. Reid ( 1878-1887 ), James Glover was postmaster in 1902.
James Glover.
Mayor & Postmaster of Bluff City.
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Patrons of Harper County who used Bluff City as their P. O. address as of 1902.
Dr. J. A. Bowles, Physician and Surgeon, came to county 1897.
James Brooks, Farmer, came to couunty 1887.
James Bruy, Farmer, came to county 1879.
M. Chlupek, Farmer, came to county 1882.
C. A. Clift, Real Estate and Prop. Livery, came to county 1884.
W. H. Cook, Farmer and Stockman, came to county 1892.
David Henline, Farmer, came to county 1880.
A. L. Hybsha, Farmer and Stockman, came to county 1891.
Adelph Jelinek, Farmer, came to county 1885.
Joseph Jelinek, Farmer, came to county 1886.
G. S. Killgore, Feed, Coal and Grain Dealer, came to county 1879.
William M. Lewis, General Merchandise, came to county 1877.
George Miller, Farmer and Stockman, came to county 1886.
N. A. Moore, Agent Longbell Lumber Co., came to county ---
H. A. Probat, Grain and Coal Dearler and Stockshipper, came to county 1879.
Vencil Vrana, Farmer and Stockman, came to county 1882.
Josef Walts, Farmer and Stockman, came to county 1890.
Jos. Jr. Walton, Farmer and Stockman, came to county 1880
J. E. Grove, Publisher, came to county 1898. 
Bluff City Kansas, 1912.
Bluff City, an incorporated city of the third class in Harper county, is located on Bluff creek and is a station on the Kansas Southwestern R. R. 14 miles southeast of Anthony, the county seat. Bluff City has a bank, a weekly newspaper (the News), a money order postoffice with one rural route, express and telegraph offices, a telephone exchange, good public schools, churches of some of the principal denominations, some well stocked general stores, and is the principal shipping point between Anthony and Caldwell. The population was 307 in 1910.

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