Friday, April 12, 2013

Isaac Newton Goodvin.

Isaac Newton Goodvin.

Born: September 2, 1843.
died; November 30, 1920.

I. N. Goodvin lived in Willcox township of Trego County.  He came to the county in 1902, the township map of 1906 shows him living in township 15-south and range 23-west.  He lived in section 36, which is on the county line.  Mr. Goodvin made his living as a Stock Raiser and was also the Proprietor of the Spring Creek Stock Farm.  When Mr. Goodvin and his wife Nancy Ann Cline Goodvin needed supplies or mail they would drive five miles south to the town of Ransom which was in Ness county.

If you would like to know more about the family and see more pictures take this liink.
The home of Mr and Mrs. I. N. Goodvin.
Trego County, 1906.

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