Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Segelquist Family Of Scranton, Kansas.

The name of Segelquist is one of a kind there is not other name like it.  If your name is Segelquist and no matter were in the world you are, your part of one big family.  all the Segelquist in the world will find that their roots started in a little town in Kansas, called Scranton.

In the early 1880's four brothers and one sister came from Seglora, Sweden to Scranton Kansas; Peter, Martin, Klaus, John and Josephine.  The brothers worked in the local coal mines in Scranton for some time.  Peter decided to farm so he farmed in the Jersey Creek area until 1906, then sold out and moved to Texas to rice farm.

Klaus, John and Martin bought farms northwest of Scranton.  They farmed in the summer and mined coal in the winter.  They sold coal to local residents in Scranton.  It was hauled in by team and wagon, then later by truck.  Farmers for miles around would come in early fall withteams and wagons to get their supply of coal for the winter.  Due to lack of help the mine was closed .  The mine went by the name of Segelquist Brothers.  The Segelquist helped organize the Scranton Covenant Church which they were all members.

Author note.  At the time this information was written it was stated that some of the children and some relatives were still living on the home farm.  That was true, but many years has passed and all of the original family has passed all but one a sister Anne Marie who is in her upper 80's and is now living in Scranton.  As for me I'm the son of John Andrew ''Andy'' Segelquist, one of the original eight children.

Scranton City Cemetery.
Segelquist Family.


Kelley said...

Hi, Dennis. I want to thank you for putting this information out. I'm the great-great granddaughter of Peter and Emma Segelquist. My great grandfather was John Alfred, my grandfather is Alfred Daniel, and my father is Billy Daniel. It has been so difficult to gather any information on our family, and this is the first time I've learned anything about their origins other than "they came from Sweden". The only thing I'm confused about is that on their grave stone my grandfather's name is written as Klaus. Do you know if that was his middle or nick name? Anyways, again I appreciate you sharing this information.

-Kelley Segelquist Patek

Kelley said...

Please disregard my question about the gravestone. I discovered that the brothers both married women named Emma, so I was confused. I recognized a different DOB for Klaus' Emma and that the grave is in Scranton instead of Eagle Lake where my grandparents are buried. =)