Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thomas Oliver.

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Was born in Denholm, Roxburgshire, Scotland, April 28, 1859. Came from Edinburg to Old Maple Hill, October, 1884. When the new town was laid out in 1887, Mr. Oliver, who already lived on the new site, moved his wagon shop into the new town and assisted in erecting the first building, Mr. J. N. Dolley's general store, and built the first dwelling house — a five room, two story structure. He still operates the only wagon shop and has erected a majority of the buildings in what is one of the neatest towns in the county, of which Mr. Oliver is an esteemed citizen. Isabella Maple Hill Oliver was born September 19, 1887

Isabella Oliver
the first child born in the new town and the first child baptized in the new M. E. church.

Mr. Oliver wife was Janet M. Oliver,  to learn more about the her and the family history take this link.

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