Monday, April 29, 2013

Charles T. Callender.

Publ. Date 1902.
Age 70.
Charles T. Callender.

Birth: 1832, Pennsylvania.
Death: 1913.

Wife; Martha E. Callender, 1844-1890, born Indiana.

Father born: Pennsylvania
Mother born: New Jersey.

Children; Daughter Emma E., Daughter Alphertta, Daughter Harriett, Son Walter C., Son Charles C., Unknow Elizabeth Callender.

Buiral; Hanover Cemetery, Washington County, Kansas.

Mr. Callender came to Kansas in 1860 and settled in section 31 of Independence township of Washington county.  He was a farmer, he got his supplies from Hanover Kansas, the farm was about 5 miles North-West of Hanover.

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