Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Three Kansas Heroes-W.W.-1.

Clarence M. Drumm, Second Lieutenant, Deceased.  28th., infantry at Cantigny, France, May 28, 1918, He bravely led his platoon, through shell and machine-gunfire, to it's objective, and fearlessly exposed himself by walking up and down his line to direct and encourage his men.  After making certain that they were well cared for and just before it was possable for him to think of himself he was kille.  Next of Kin, W. M. Drumm, Father, Bigelow, Kansas.

G. R. Evans, Private, compan H. 39th infantry, for extraordinary heroism in action in Bois deAigremont, France, July 15, 1918.  Private Evans, a runner, frequently exposed himself to heavy artillery fire in carring messages, for his battalion commander.  Home address, Thomas Evans, Father, route No.2., Lebo, Kansas.

Ludwig L. Everson, First Lieutenant deceased, 129th., Machine-Gun Battallon, for extraordinary heroism in action in the Argonna? forest, France, September 26, 1918.  Meeting with stubborn resistance from the enemy, he reorganised  scattered personnel from  other units, attached them to his platoon and continued to advance.  When mortally wounded, he refused all assistance, ordering his detachment forward.  Next of Kin, Mrs. Mabel Everson, Crestline Kansas.

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