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Names Of Simpson Kansas.

The Town of Simpson.
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Simpson, which was previously known as Brittsville, also Brittain and Simpsonville, originated in 1871 when G. Beaver, who at that time owned a mill at Delphos, came up the Solomon River to sight a spot for a mill.

With financial aid from Thomas Shanks and Alfred Simpson, a mill was erected at the site where Brittsville started.

By 1879 Brittsville was a thriving little village with a store, drug store, blacksmith shop, post office and stage stand.

With the coming of railroads, between 1879 and 1880, Brittsville was moved a mile to the present townsite of Simpson. In 1882, after Alfred Simpson deeded a portion of land upon which the town was built to the city, the name was changed to Simpson, in his honor.

Brittsville Post Office open it's doors on June 22, 1874 and closed it's doors on April 4, 1882.

Simpson Post office open it's doors on April 3, 1882 and closed it's doors 1961.

Simpson is in the county of Mitchell, and is in the Township of Logan.  It can be found on the county maps at 8 South Rande 5 West. Simpson is in section 1., the owners of this section were.

Ellen B. Vaughn.
Armenia Lyon
Eley Pearson.
A. Simpson.
Thomas Shanks.

Business Men of Simpson, 1884.

The names on this list all used Simpson as their P. O., address.  Many of these men had business in town. Some others lived out side of town.

William Abling, Farmer.
John Atkinson, Farmer.
Howard Baisure, Farmer.
William Critchfield, Farmer.
Nathaniel Critchfiels, Farmer,
W. S. Critchfield, Farmer.
John T. Crowl, Hotel and feed barn.
William Chambers, Farmer & Stock Raiser.
M. S. Chapel, Farmer.
C. A. Duvall, Farmer.
Eli Duvall, Farmer.
J. M. Dupree, Farmer.
E. P. Dupree, Farmer.
I. Dalrymple, Farmer.
M. H. Dooley, Farmer.
J. Dimanowski, Farmer.
A. H. Edwards, Farmer & Stock Raiser.
H. P Evans, Faemer.
David Edmunds, Farmer.
W. G. Fridar & Bros., Merchants.
L. G. Friday, Druggist & Physician.
Foote, Stackhouse  Wauzer, Merchants.
E. S. Foote, Merchants.
W. H. Fletcher, Blacksmith and Dealer in Agricultural Implements.
John W. Glover, Farmer.
G. M. Giles, Farmer.
C. M. Grecian, Farmer.
R. D. Joiner, Farmer.
H. Jones.
Warren Kerns, Farmer.
W. H. Lawrence, Farmer.
M. Louthan, Retired farmer.
Edmund Louthan, Retired farmer.
E. R. Louthan, Farmer & Stock Raiser.
Armenia Lyon, Farmer.
W. H. McKim, Farmer.
Sylvester McKee, Farmer.
Seth McKee, Farmer.
A. M. Newell, Station Agt.
M. B. Plymore, Farmer.
J. A. Parson, Farmer.
A. P. Parson, Farmer.Samuel P. Parson, Farmer.
Charles Ramage, Farmer.
A. P. Rathburn, Merchant.
A. L. Rathburn, Farmer.
J. M. Rhodes, Farmer.
James Robertson, Farmer.
H. Stackhouse, Farmer.
T. Shanks, Farmer & Miller.
J. W. Shanks, Hardware Merchant.
George Slack, Farmer.
Simpson, Shanks & Co., Hardware Merchants.
Simpson & Dizney, Merchants.
Smith & Hawley, Merchants.
G. L. Sams.
Miles Shore, Farmer.
Alfred Simpson, Merchant.
William Stream, Farmer.
Richard Stream, Farmer.
Orrin Thompson, Creamery.
E. B. Vanghn, Farmer.
William E. Vernon, Farmer.
J. M. Vernon, Farmeer.
C. D. Wallis, Farmer.
L. F. White, Farmer.
C. D. White, Farmer.
Charles Whitmore, Farmer.
William Wright, Farmer.
Thomas W. Wroe, Farmer.
James Wroe, Farmer.
E. T. Wilcox, Whitmore & Co., Lumber Deales.


J. J. BRITT, attorney, P. O. Simpsonville, was born in Maryland, May 22, 1838. Removed to Indiana in 1857, thence to Minnesota, thence to Northern Missouri, thence to Montana Territory, and to Mitchell County, Kan., in 1868. Attended law school at Chicago, Ill., and graduated in 1871. Laid out the town of Britain in Mitchell County. Was elected Probate Judge in Mitchell County in 1873, and held the office for two years. Married at Asherville, Mitchell County, Kan., on the 22d day of January, 1872, to Miss Isadora Rice, and has three children - Julia, Hulas and Alta.

ISAAC N. DALRYMPLE, farmer, P. O. Dalrymple, was born in Clark County, Ohio, March 22, 1836. Removed to Indiana in 1842. Enlisted in the United States army, August 12, 1862, in Company B, One Hundred and Twelfth Volunteer Infantry. Was taken prisoner September 18, 1863. Was held as prisoner in Belle Island, Libby, Andersonville and Milan. Exchanged November 21, 1864; discharged May 31, 1865. Returned to Stark County, Ill., where he remained teaching until June, 1866, when he came to Cloud County, Kan., and settled in the southwest corner in Solomon Township. Afterwards moved into Logan Township, Mitchell County, and is the owner of 600 acres of land. Was elected to the State Legislature in the fall of 1868. Was Captain in the Second Battalion of the Kansas Volunteer Militia in the spring of 1869, and served five months and twenty days. He was married September 13, 1870, in Dickenson(sic) County, Kan., to Miss A. Kilgore, and is the father of six children - Walter, May, Burton, Wood, Arthur and Lucy. Mr. Dalrymple states that on the 13th and 14th days of August, 1867, the Indians murdered twenty-one settlers, and on October 13, 1868, killed nine more, and in 1869, killed seven, all in the Solomon Valley.

W. G. FRIDAY, druggist, P. O. Simpsonville, was born in Illinois, August 8, 1860. Removed to Butler County, Neb., in 1870. Came to Mitchell County, Kan., in December, 1880. In 1881, he settled in the young town of Simpson, where he engaged in the drug business and was appointed Postmaster in April, 1881.

ENOS HALBERT, P. O. Coursen's Grove, was born September 19, 1824, in Orange County, Ind. He followed farming until 1874. Moved to Mitchell County, Kan., farming to date. Particular attention being paid to thorough-bred horses. He had 170 acres of broom-corn this year; yield, one ton to five acres. Married, January 15, 1848, to Miss Susan Shirely. They have six children - Mary, Harriet, Emma, Maggie, Seth and Lucy A. He enlisted in the United States service, August 1, 1861, as private in Company I, Thirty-third Indiana. Promoted to Second Lieutenant, 1864; to Captain, 1864. Discharged August 1, 1865, at the close of the war. He is a member of I. O. O. F. and Masonic fraternity.

A. N. NOELL, station agent, P. O. Simpsonville, was born in Virginia May 18, 1846. Removed to Caldwell County, Mo., in 1855. Enlisted in the United States army, June 1, 1864, in Company D, Seventh Kansas Cavalry, Discharged September 20, 1865. Returned to Leavenworth, Kan., where he was discharged; then went to Caldwell County, Mo. Went to Keokuk, Iowa, and attended commercial college and learned telegraphing. Came to Mitchell County, Kan., in 1875, and was appointed ticket agent and telegraph operator at Simpson, and the station of Brittsville, on the Union Pacific Railroad, June, 1881. Is a married man and the father of one child - James K., born November 10, 1870.

ALFRED SIMPSON, grain dealer, Simpsonville, was born in South Carolina, July 26, 1833. Removed to Tennessee in 1838, thence to Missouri in 1858. Again moved, this time to Doniphan County, Kan., in 1870; came to within one mile of the present town of Simpson, and erected a mill 28x36 feet, two and a half stories high. In the spring of 1881, Mr. Simpson caused the town of Simpson to be laid out, and the citizens have since named the town after its founder. The population of the town is about 100. The subject of our sketch has done much toward the upbuilding of the place, as he now owns a grain-house, dry goods store and hardware. Other business interests are there also, as the town is supplied with another general stock of goods, drug store, harness shop, etc. He was married in Jackson County, Mo., on October 22, 1865, to Miss Rebecca L. Rhoads, and has six children - Josephine, Thomas J., Margaret E., Benjamin, Mabel A. and Catherine.

O. D. THOMPSON, merchant, Simpsonville, was born in Wisconsin, March 1, 1854. Removed to Idaho territory in 1874, thence back to Wisconsin in 1879. Attended the Whitewater Normal School in Wisconsin; also attended the commercial school in Denver, Col. Came to Mitchell County, Kan., in the fall of 1879, and in 1881 engaged in business in the town of Simpson, under the firm name of Foot & Thompson. The firm handle a general stock. He was married November 28, 1878, at Spring Prairie, Wis., to Miss Carrie Funk, and has two children - Kate, born December 4, 1879; David, born October 17, 1881.

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