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Benedict Kansas.

Date 1909.
Push to enlarde.

Benedict was started in 1886, Wilson county Kansas.
The Postoffice open it's doors on July 17, 1886, and closed it's doors some time in 1961.

Benedict, an incorporated town of Wilson county, is located on the Verdigris river in Guilford township, 8 miles northeast of Fredonia, the county seat, and at the junction of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe and the Missouri Pacific railroads. It has a bank, telegraph and express offices, and a money order postoffice with one rural route. The population in 1910 was 215. The town was surveyed about the time the Missouri Pacific and the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe railroads were built through this county. Substantial iron bridges were built over the Verdigris at this point in 1887, and a $4,000 school house was erected. The Wilson county old settlers society was organized at Benedict in 1897. The town was piped for gas in 1898.

While most towns are laid out with one of the four point of the compass, Benedcit was not.  It was laid at a odd angle.  They laid out the town so it would be in line with the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe rail road tracks.

The town almost mets dead center of where sections 2, 3, 10 and 11 come together.  Benedict is in Guilford Township, 28 South & Range 15 East.

Those of you who's have been to this site before know this site is all about surnames.  I try to give as many names as possible and information on them.  But in this case there is no information.  I think one reason is that the town wasn't built yet, the year is 1881.

How to read the atlas page.

Each township is divided into sections each section is given a number, and each section is 640 acres.  These sections are divided into fourths of 160 acres each.  The sections are one mile perside to cover a section you would have gone four miles.  The last thing to remember is the top of the map is always North.
The scale of each atlas page is two inches is one mile.

The following names are for the four sections that Benedcit sits in the middle of, the first year is 1881.  Although the town is not there it may be important to you to know who own the land the town sat on.

Although the town is not there the atlas page is interesting to look at. This link will take you to the page. I gave the link so you can see for you self and check my spelling as I know there are some erorrs.


Section 2.

G. D. Shores.
S. J. Bartlett.
Joel Hull.
S. S. Mattix, Farmer & Stock raiser, From Ohio, came to the county in 1871.
L. F. Davis.

Section 3.

Eli Neff.
George Story.
John Carter.
Rhoda Elder.

Section 10.

E. H. Reed.
L. F. Davis.

Section 11.

J. N. Keplinger.
John Leeper.
A. A. Bringham
L. F. Davis.

The following list of names is for the year of 1910.  This page is interesting not only because there are more names, but you get to see how the town was laid out.  Once again I will give you the link to the page.  I know there are some erorrs in the spellings and there were some names I couldn't make out as the print was to small.


Section 2.

Joel Hull.
Philip Wire.
T. D. Brinley.
Sarah Mattix.

Section 3.

Joseph Roberts.
S. N. Nigh.
N. E. Lind Strow.
D. D. Feagle.
L. L. Legg.
T. D. Hampson.
Guy Orendorff.

Section 10.

Frank Prunty, Farmer, Dealer in Hardware & Implements, came to the county 1874.
Lee Prunty.
Singleton Bros.

Section 11.

T. D. Brinkley.
T. C. Davis.
Sarah Mattix.
Lon Prunty.
C. A. Sprague, Deals in General Merchandies, came to county 1869.

Biographical Sketches.

As you may have notice I have not given any. The main reason is that some are large and this page is already largee.  However I will list two names and put a link to their information.

David C. Offenbacker.

Keith E. Sprague.


Anonymous said...

Actually the post office in Benedict is still open, although on the short list for being closed soon.

Dennis Segelquist said...

Thank you I was wondering why the had it open and closed in the same box.