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Billiard & Pool Halls Across Kansas.

It is not my intent to give you a history lesson  on the game of Billiards or Pool, but rather, small leads to help you learn more about a family member.  Maybe you already knew one of you ancestors owned or worked in one, but for others it may be a surprise.  The information here is small, but will give you a place and a time line which is always important when looking into ones ancestors past.

The Dodge House and Billiard Hall in Dodge City, Kansas, 1874.

Kansas Billiard & Pool Halls.

Vinita Kansas.

L. W. Buffington, Billiard and Saloon.

T. J. Jordan, Billiard and Saloon.

Wichita Kansas 1890.

Carey Billiard Parlor and Hotel.

Benjamin Hermes, Billiard.

Monarch, Billiard Parlor.

Murphy & Goodwin, Billiard

Henry Schmitzler, Billiard.

Sedgwick Billiard Parlor.

D. O. E. Smith, Billiard.

Salina Kasas.

Beagle & Dodson Smoke House.
Note. Most Billiard and Pool Rooms were called Smoke Houses, because of all the cigar & cigarette smoke that fill these places.

Beagle & Dodson are the proprietors of the popular billiard and pool hall, located at 139 North Santa Fe Avenue. The business became established three years ago and they have, by conducting a first-class place and by their up-to-date equipment built one of the largest trades of this character in this city. Five of the finest billiard and pool tables have been installed, and a complete line of imported and domestic cigars, tobacco, smokers supplies, soft drinks, postcards, etc., are to be found in connection. The proprietors of this establishment are Mr. W. H. Beagle, Mr. J. F. Dodson and Mr. F. E. Dodson. Mr. Beagle and his son also conduct the Beagle Smoke House in Abilene, Kansas.

J. B. Ruhl & Sons.

Among the most successful billiard and pool parlors in the city is that of J. B. Ruhl & Sons, located at 107 North Santa Fe Avenue, where they have been established since July of this year. They have rapidly gained public approval and popularity as one of the city's most attractive places of amusement. They occupy a floor space of 3,500 square feet which is equipped with six fine pool and billiard tables, handsome wall-cases, and finished entirely in mission furniture. A complete line of high-grade domestic and imported cigars, tobaccos, smokers' supplies, etc., is carried. The proprietors are Mr. J. B. Ruhl and his two sons, Mr. M. E. Ruhl and Mr. R. C. Ruhl.  

Wellington Kansas1895.
H. W. Davis, 64, years, born N. Y., Billiard room.
P. E. Healey, 32, years, born Ohio, Billiard Room.
Caldwell Kansas 1880.
The Leland Hotel stood here from 1880 to 1970 when a fire swept through the historic structure. It was built of brick, 3 stories high, 46 guest rooms each with its own running water, a billiard hall, barber shop, bridal chamber, barroom, dining hall and kitchen. Major Odum, a large cattle dealer, built the hotel for other cattlemen due to Caldwell's on-going rivalry between its cattle and farm/city interests. The Leland stood in 1880 as one of the largest hotels in southern Kansas and was most hospitable to its guests, so long as they were an advocate of the cattle industry.

Norman Albert Beth October 18, 1999.
Norman Albert Beth, 88, died Monday, October 18, 1999, at Fort Scott Medicalodge. He was born November 5, 1910 in Randlett, Oklahoma, the son of Elizabeth Hale and Albert Oran Beth. When he was eight years old, the family moved to Bourbon County, Kansas where they made their home near Fulton, Kansas.  He married Zelda Loy on May 3, 1931, at Nevada, Missouri. During his life he had Billiard Parlors in Fort Scott, Erie, and Mound City, Kansas and Hume, Missouri.
Elk City Kansas 1871.
L. P. Pitton, Billiard.
Reno Kansas 1888-87.
Henry Bird, Billiard Hall.
Wyandotte County Kansas.
Rosedale Kansas.
George D. Kennedy.
In 1904, he opened up a pool and billiard hall at Rosedale and when, a few months later, this business burned.
 Augustus S. Cook.
He went into the confectionery business and runs a billiard hall in Almena in 1887 and has continued in that business ever since.
Labette County Kansas.
On July 21, 1868, a petition dated July 6, 1868, was presented to the board, asking them "to grant Charles Sipes a license to keep a grocery and first-class billiard saloon" in Oswego; whereupon, "the board having considered said petition, and being satisfied that said petition is not made by a majority of the residents in said township as the law requires, and that the masses of the citizens are opposed to the granting of dramshop license in said township, as evidenced by the remonstrance presented to this board, therefore said petition is not granted.
Chase County Kansas.
August 5, 1931, Eugene Hyson purchased the Peoples Cash Grocery from R. L. Shimp. A couple of weeks ago Mr. Hyson sold his billiard hall.

Butler County Kansas 1881.

M. M. VanDenberg, was the manager of a billiard parlor and saloon.

Belle Plaine Kansas 1895.

C. W. Sudham, born Ohio, Age 45, Billiard Tables.

Medicine Lodge Kansas 1873.

The first post office was in the Winston building, now owned by Dr. C. T. Rigg, and leased as a billiard room.

Jewell County Kansas 1878.

John H. Pattison runs a first-class billiard hall, and affords an excellent place of resort for "the boys."


 T. J. Foley purchased the building known as the old Scanlan store on Marshal avenue in 1883.  Here he opened the first billiard hall in town.  In the spring of 1883, he enlarged the same in the lower room and is still in business.

T. F. Begley then leased the large rooms over Scanlan & Bros'. store, where in the spring of 1884, he started a second billiard room; which has since been continued by him.

Palmer Kansas.

W. O. Pierce has put in billiard and pool tables in the Heim building and will run a strictly first class billiard hall. It is pleasing to note the neatness of the room. He will handle cigars and soft drinks, and will move his real estate office there.

Clifton Kansas.
Clifton Recreation Parlor.

Hobart Short is the proprietor of the Clifton Recreation Parlor. He has tables for pool, snooker, and billiards and also serves soft drinks.

Bennington Kanssas,.

George Kubach pool hall.

Chase Kansas.

March 5, 1919, George Dunkin purchased the billard and pool hall business last week from Don Arnold.

Greenleaf Kansas.

 Clifford Cook operates a lunch room and pool hall in Greenleaf. He has lived in Greenleaf for the last seven years but purchased the lunch room just this year.


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