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Names Of Sharon Springs Kansas.

Sharon Springs.
Between 1880s and 1890s.
Sharon Springs, the county seat of Wallace county, is an incorporated city of the third class, located in Sharon Springs township on the Union Pacific R. R., 362 miles west of Topeka. It has a bank, a hotel, all lines of retail establishments, a weekly newspaper (the Western Times), telegraph and express offices, and a money order postoffice. It is the trading point for a large area well adapted to agriculture and the raising of live stock. It was founded by the Western Town Site company in 1886, and is on the site of the old Eagle Tail station. The springs located here provided a never-failing supply of pure water, something not always available in western Kansas in those days. In platting the town, grounds for a court-house were set aside. By Jan., 1887, considerable of a town had sprung up. There was a bank, numerous retail establishments, and a newspaper called the Sharon Springs Leader was started on Jan. 1 by Joseph F. White. At that time this town was the trading center for 1,000 square miles of territory. It became temporary county seat in 1887 and was made county seat for five years by a special act of the legislature of that year. It became a city of the third class in July, 1890, and the first officers elected were: Mayor, J. M. Ericson; police judge, C. B. Jones; treasurer, Oscar Felix; city attorney, William S. Black; marshal, H. T. Black; clerk, J. K. Laycock; councilmen, Parmenis Smith, J. H. Eaberg, Lester Perry, H. H. Brown and August Anderson. The population in 1890 was 178, in 1900 it was 180 and in 1910 it had increased to 440.

Sharon Springs, Post Office open May 6, 1886 and was still open in 1961.

Sharon Springs was founded on the site of the Eagle Tail station, and Sharon is some times refer to as Eagle Tail.

All the following names used Sharon Springs as their post office address.  The dates at the end of the names give the year they came to Sharon Springs.  Many of the names without dates means they lived in town.

Jessie J. Aker, Farmer & Stockraiser, came 1907.
Cust Bjorklund, Farmer & Stovkraiser, came 1888.
E. Bosserman, Livert stable.
J. B. Burris, District County Clerk, came in 1904.
A. Scarlson, Blacksmith, came 1904.
Ed. Carter, Dealer in Real Estate, came 1886.
Mrs. Etta B. Cheshire, Teacher.
W. F. Chesley, Hotel Weskan.
Fred M. Cox., Teacher, farmer & stocker raiser, came 1896.
George Cox, Dealer in Real Estate & General Merchandiser, came 1892.
Thomas Dodson, Ranchman & Gardner, came 1887.
Fred Durgeloh, Butcher & Ranchman, came1887.
Linus Forsbeck, Farmer, came 1890.
J. P. Gergen, M. D. Physician & Pharmacist, came 1907.
Henry E. Gilbert, Stock dealer & Dairyman, came 1902.
Miss Rose Gilbert, County Superintendent.
John Haas, Farmer, came 1906.
Charles C. Halsey,.
C. I. Harper, Dealer in Lumber.
A. W. Harrison, Manager of the Downing Ranch.
L. W. Herman, Farmer & Machinist, came 1900.
Almon Johnson, Farmer, came 1888.
Erik Johnson, Farmer & Stockraiser, came 1890.
Erik Johnson, Farmer & Stockraiser, came 1889.
Gust Johnson, Farmer, came 1887.
J. A. Johnson, Dealer in General Merchandise, came 1889.
Oscar Johnson, Farmer, came 1890.
Roy C. Johnston, Ranchman.
C. W. Jolley, Abstractor, Dealerin real estate & Dentist, came 1905.
Mary Kelly, Rancher, came 1886.
C. F. King, Attorney & Faemer, came 1907.
John T. Lacey, Farmer & Stockraiser,came 1886.
Hamma La Cost, Ranching, came 1887.
Paul L. Leger, Ranchman & Gardener, came 1903.
Josephine Lindsey, Farming.
Alfred Lundstrom, Farmer & Stockraiser, came 1888.
Charles McKinley, Farmer.
Ed. McNerny, Farmer & Stockraiser.
David Martin, Ranchman & Dealer of Livestock.
William A. Martion, County Treasurer.
Rev. William Orchard, Minister M. E. Church & Farmer, came 1902.
T. B. Raines, Ranchman.
E. H. Robinson, Ranchman, came 1899.
Hiram W. Rule, Breeder of registered Aberdcen & Angus cattle.
Mike Saros, Farmer & Section foreman.
H. E. Steele, County Surveyor.
Mrs. B. H. Steele.
John T. Steele, Farmer & Ranchman, cane 1887.
Carl J. Swedlund, Farmer & Blacksmith, came 1887.
Theodore Toll, Farmer & Stockraiser, came 1887.
C. Wallin, Farmer.
Oscar Walstrom, Farmer, came 1904.
George E. Ward, Real Estate & Postmaster.
W. E. Ward, Attorney & Publisher of  "Western Times."
R. G. & E. W. Watt, Breeder of Horses.
Andrew Westerbery, Farmer & Stockraiser.
F. W. Wileman, Liveryman.
H. H. Yost, Farmer & Gardener, came 1879.
James Yoxall, Farmer & Gardener, came 1879.

Sharon Springs Picture Gallery.

The Central Hotel in Sharon Springs, Kansas. The two-story wooden structure was also known as the Martin Hotel.
Date: Between 1880s and 1890s

Photograph shows a group of people with horses and buggies in front of M.S Martin's Livery barn in Sharon Springs, Kansas.
Date: Between 1880s and 1890s

Photograph shows the printing office for the Western Times newspaper in Sharon Springs, Kansas.
Date: Between 1910 and 1919

Photograph shows a young boy and a gentleman standing in front of the post office in Sharon Springs, Kansas.
Date: Between 1880s and 1890s

Photograph shows a group of people standing in front of the Sharon Springs Hotel in Sharon Springs, Kansas.
Date: Between 1880 and 1890

Botts Families Of Sharon Springs.

Amanda H. Botts.
Born: February 14, 1834.
Death: June 9, 1915.
Burial: Sharon Springs Cemetery, Sharon Springs, Wallace County Kansas.

Ira Botts.
Born: 1863.
Death: 1955.
Burial: Sharon Springs Cemetery, Sharon Springs, Wallace County Kansas.

Margaret Botts.
Born: 1878.
Death 1927.
Burial: Sharon Springs Cemetery, Sharon Springs, Wallace County Kansas.

Note. All Botts Photos were provided by Sally Darby Sauer.

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