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Kansas Soldiers in the 96th., Illinois Infantry.

Here is a list of soldiers who fright in the Illinois infantry these men came to Kansas to live after the war to start a new life.  There will be some missed names.  if you don't see your ancestor on the list and you know he was in the 96th., and lived in Kansas, then drop me a line and I will be glad to add his name to the list.

This information was taken from the Illinois 96th., infantry regimental history.

W. W. Jellison, of Company E, writes from his home at Dorrance, Kansas, that he was at Andersonville from August until early winter, when he was removed to Florence, remaining at the latter place until near the final break-up. He declares his inability to adequate!}' describe the sufferings he witnessed and endured. He saw George W. Dimmick and Charles Heath, of his Company, daily, in bolh prisons, but is in doubt as to the fate of the former. He remembers that
Dimmick was still suffering from an unhealed wound received at Chickamauga, the bullet having caused the loss of one eye and serious injury to the other. He was very weak and badly broken down while at Florence. Jellison became so weak in mind, as well as in body, that he did not know when he left Florence. Returning to consciousness after a fortnight's delirium, he found himself in the fourth story of a brick building at Wilmington. N. C., with many other sick soldiers. He was soon sent to Annapolis. Md., and St. Louis, Mo., and finally discharged at Springfield. Ill., in the summer of 1865.

James M. Sallee endured an imprisonment of seventeen months, being at one time or another in nearly all of the prisons and stockades of Virginia, Georgia and the Carolinas.He is now Clerk of the District Court of Phillipsburg, Kansas.

Edwin Van Dyke was a prisoner for seventeen months, going the long round with the others who survived, and being released near the close of the war. He was discharged from hospital at Springfield, Ill., in the spring of 1865. His health was permanently broken, and he died from chronic rheumatism, at Kansas City, Mo., February 6, 1885.

Thomas Craig, of Company I, was detailed for skirmish duty, and, advancing from the works near the right, he, with a few men from another command, in passing some evergreens, behind which were concealed a number of Rebels, was compelled to surrender. He was kept under guard that night, and next day assisted in burying the Union dead on the battle-field. He was then taken to Columbia, and on the morning of December 15, started on the long march to Corinth. The Rebels robbed him of his boots, and the weather became so cold that his feet froze, causing him great suffering. He arrived in Corinth Christmas day, and a week later was sent, in company with many sick and wounded, to the southward. He was for a short time at Meridian, Miss., Mobile, Ala., and Montgomery, Ala. February 15, 1865, he started for Jackson, Miss., and in just a week was paroled at the Big Black River, going thence to Vicksburg. March 11 he started northward, and before the close of the month joined the Regiment in East Tennessee, and was finally discharged with them in June. He is now a liveryman in Stockton, Kansas.

Richard K. Miller. Aged 18 ; born in Galena, Ill., school boy ; enlisted from Galena. Participated in every engagement of the Regiment, and, although he had many close calls, escaped being wounded ;
was m. o. with the Regiment. Since the war has served five years in the Regular Army, as Sergeant. Is now a prosperous farmer and stockraiser at Clay Center, Clay County, Kansas,

John J. McKinley. Age 38 ; born in Cumberland County, Pa.; farmer ; enlisted from Derinda. Discharged at Nashville, Tenn., April 5, 1863, for disability ; re-enlisted, in 1865, in 21st Illinois, and m. o. in December of same year at San Antonio, Texas. After his return home he moved to Kansas, where he held the office of Justice of the Peace; from Kansas he moved to Jackson County, Mo., where he died Oct. 1, 1885, of nervous prostration.

John S. Weir. Age 30 ; born in Mercer County, Pa.; farmer ; enlisted from Woodbine, Oct. 8, 1864 ; was with Company at the battles of Franklin and Nashville ; detailed as clerk of Division Court Martial, at Huntsville, Ala., January, 1865. Since the war has been engaged in the grocery business ; is now farming and stock-raising at Pauline, Kansas.

Corporal Caleb Whitney. Age 37 ; born in Seneca County, Ohio; farmer ; enlisted from the town of Warren ; promoted to Corporal ; m. o. with Regiment ; died in Kansas, a few years since.

Corporal Major H. Cleveland. Age 26 ; born in New York ; farmer; enlisted from Avon ; promoted to Corporal ; participated in every engagement, and was once slightly wounded in the foot ; m. o. with Regiment. Is a prosperous farmer and trusted township official at Garnett, Anderson County, Kansas.

Harrison I. Bangs. Age 21; born in Wauconda, Ill., farmer; enlisted from Wauconda ; was with the Regiment in every battle and skirmish, but escaped wounds ; never reported to the Surgeon ; was m. o. with Regiment. Is a blacksmith, and also runs a feed mill at Mulberry Grove, Kansas.

William Bottom. Age 20; born in Cambridge, England; farmer; enlisted from Fremont ; taken sick soon after entering service, and discharged April 6, 1863. Present post office address, Havensville, Pottawatomie County, Kansas.

Myron Gillmore. Age 20 ; born in Pennsylvania ; farmer ; enlisted from Avon ; had a ball pass through his can tee a and cartridge box at Chickamauga ; was in the battle of Lookout Mountain, and was with the Regiment most of the time on the Atlanta campaign. Was sent back to his home in Lake County with the remains of his brother, Captain E. J. Gillmore, and shortly after returning to Regiment was wounded in the leg in front of Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 3, 1864, partially disabling him for life. was discharged because of this wound Jan. 5, 1865, at Chicago,  Ill. Has held the office of Sheriff of Barton County, Kansas, two terms, and is a farmer and real estate dealer at Great Bend, Kansas.

John T. Mitchell. Age 16 ; born in Illinois ; farmer ; enlisted" from Avon, Oct. 10, 1864 ; joining the Company in time to participate in the battle of Nashville, Dec. 15 and 16 ; at m. o. of Regiment was transferred to Company G, 21st Illinois ; went with that command to Texas, and was finally m. o. at Victoria, Tex., Oct. 10, 1865. Is farming at Gaylord, Kansas.

George W. Turner. Age 26; born in New York ; farmer; enlisted from Wauconda ; failing to obtain a furlough to go home on business that seemed imperative, he absented himself without leave, in February, 1863, but returned voluntarily in about one month ; he was sentenced to make up his lost time, and thus came within the order requiring those whose terms of service did not expire until after October 1, 1865, to be transferred ; he was therefore assigned to Company G, 21st Illinois, and went with them to Texas, being finally m. o: at Victoria, Oct. 10, 1865. Resides in the Cooweenoowe district of the Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory. Post office address, Coffeyville, Kansas.

David Wells. Age 24; born in Cass County, Mich.; farmer; enlisted from Wauconda ; was in every engagement until Kenesaw Mountain was reached, June 20, 1864, when he was wounded in the left hand and arm, causing the loss of a finger and the disabling of the hand to quite an extent ; at the battle of Lookout Mountain a bullet passed through his hat, and others through his clothing ; discharged for wounds at Mound City, 111., Oct. 26, 1864. Is keeping a hotel at Burlington, Coffey County, Kansas.

Watson Markley. Age 21; born in England; served with regimental pioneers much of the time; m. o. with Regiment. Residence in 1885, Minneapolis, Kansas.

James Kenty is at Stockton, Rooks County, Kansas.

Sergeant Edmund S. Stevens. Age 27 ; born in Batavia, N. Y.; printer in Gazette office ; enlisted from Waukegan ; appointed Corporal at the organization of the Company ; promoted to Sergeant Feb. 1, 1863 ; at Chickamauga was wounded by a piece of shell, which did not disable him, and later by a bullet, which passed through the left lower rib and lodged near the spine, rendering him unconscious for several hours, so that he was left for dead upon the battle-field ; regaining consciousness he found himself a prisoner and remained in the enemy's hands eleven days, when he was paroled and taken to Chattanooga and afterward to hospitals farther north. He was subsequently declared exchanged at Columbus, Ohio, and for a time detailed in a Government printing office at Nashville, at which point he was discharged by reason of the close of the war, May 15, 1865 ; is an employing job printer at Parsons, Labette County, Kansas.

Martin M. Blunt. Age 32 ; born in New York ; wagon maker ; enlisted from Antioch ; detailed in Pioneer Corps April 7, 1863, and transferred to the First Regiment U. S. Veteran Volunteer Engineers, July 25, 1864, being promoted to Corporal, and serving with that command until the close of the war: finally discharged at Nashville, Tenn., June 30, 1865 ; has since held numerous township official positions, and is a prominent farmer and stock raiser at Marena, Hodgman Co., Kansas.

Andrew J. Derrick. Age 20 ; born in Cuyahoga County, Ohio ; farmer ; enlisted from Antioch ; was detailed in Pioneer Corps April 7, 1863, and transferred to the First U. S. V. V. Engineers Aug. 16, 1864 ; promoted to Sergeant Jan. 1, 1865 ; was disabled for three months in the summer of 1864 by cutting his knee with an axe while with Engineers, near Hiawasee River ; finally discharged at Nashville, Tenn., June 30, 1865 ; is stock raising at Lowe, Chautauqua County, Kansas.

James T. Guppy. Age 21 ; born in England ; farmer ; enlisted from Antioch ; at the battle of Chickamauga two bullets passed through his hat, one giving him a scalp wound ; remained on the battle-field that night, and next morning was aroused by a Rebel surgeon, who gave him the first definite knowledge that the Federal forces had retreated ; he then made his way back to Rossville ; was with the Regiment until near the close of May, 1864, when he was sent to Jeffersonville hospital, sick, remaining about a year ; discharged at Louisville, Ky., May 29, 1865 ; is farming at Mankato, Jewell County, Kansas.

Corporal John Grabham. Age 22 ; born in England ; farmer ; enlisted from Apple River ; promoted to Corporal Jan. 1, 1864 ; at Peach Tree Creek had bullets through his cap box, canteen and coat ; was in every engagement, but escaped wounds ; m. o. with Regiment. Is farming at Twin Falls, Kansas. William W. Jellison. Age 28 ; born in Pennsylvania ; farmer ; enlisted from Apple River ; while loading his musket at Chickamauga a bullet struck his ramrod and carried it out of his hand ; at Rocky Face Ridge or Resaca a bullet grazed his temple, knocking him down, but causing no permanent injury ; while outside the lines after forage, near Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 2, 1864, he was captured by the enemy ; was at Andersonville and Florence, and finally released near Wilmington, N. C., as narrated in Chapter XXXIII. Resides at Dorrance, Russell County, Kansas.

Marcus Jellison. Age 26 ; American ; farmer ; enlisted from Apple River ; was a brother of William W. Jellison ; was with the command most of the time ; m. o. with Regiment. Resides at Wilson, Kansas.

James A. Smith. Age 18 ; American ; farmer ; enlisted from Scales Mound Oct. 29, 1863 ; was credited to Dixon ; was in all of the engagements following Lookout Mountain ; at m. o. of Regiment was transferred to Company E, 21st Illinois, and was finally discharged at Camp Butler Jan. 18, 1866. Is farming at Clay Center, Kansas.

James B. Stevenson. Age 19 ; American ; farmer ; enlisted from Apple River ; was in nearly every engagement, and was m. o. with Regiment. Resides at Garrison, Kansas.

James Wollam. Age 24; born in Columbia County, Ohio; farmer; enlisted from Apple River ; was constantly with the command, but escaped wounds ; m. o. with Regiment. Died in 1875 at Wilson, Kansas.

John G. Dittmar. Age 20 ; born in Germany ; farmer ; enlisted from Woodbine ; took part in all of the engagements of the command, but escaped wounds ; was discharged at Louisville, Ky., June 8, 1865. Is farming at Clay Center, Kansas.

William Handley. Age 44 ; born in Butler County, Ohio ; farmer ; enlisted from Hanover ; discharged for disibility at Nashville, Tenn., June 20, 1863. Is farming at Oak Hill, Clay County, Kansas.

Richard Spencer. Age 20 ; born in England ; farmer ; enlisted from Galena ; was detailed with the 5th Indiana Battery from December, 1863, until April, 1864 ; was in all of the engagements in which the Regiment participated until shot through the body at Resaca May 14, 1864 ; when wounded fell into the hands of the enemy, and was a prisoner two days, being recaptured May 16 ; was in various hospitals, and was finally discharged at Camp Douglas, Chicago, March 19, 1865. Is now farming at Pliny, Saline County, Kansas.

Albert A. Burge. Age 18 ; born in Waukegan, 111. ; farmer ; enlisted from Vernon Feb. 8, 1864, joining the command at Cleveland, Tent;., April D, 18(54, and participating in most of the engagements that followed ; at Lovejoy Station, Ga., he accidentally stepped both feet into a bed of hot ashes, or a smouldering fire, burning them so badly as to disable him nearly a month ; at m. o. of Regiment was transferred to Company G, 21st Illinois, and finally mustered out Dec. 16, 1865, and discharged at Camp Butler, Springfield, 111., Jan. 25, 1866. Is farming at Augusta, Butler County, Kansas.

Joseph K. Clark. Age 38 ; born in Cortland County, N. Y.; brick maker ; enlisted from Shields ; was detailed in wagon train at Newport, Ky., remaining one year ; at Lookout Mountain, Tenn., was slightly wounded in the face by a buck shot or pistol bullet ; at commencement of Atlanta campaign, May 2, 1864, was detailed as stretcher bearer, and was with the command until the close of the war ; m. o. with Regiment. Was Supervisor for six years in Livingston County, Ill. ; is a farmer at Sedgwick, Harvey County, Kansas.

William Joyce. Age 19; born in New York; sailor; enlisted from Waukegan ; was probably the most frequently wounded man in the Regiment ; at Chickamauga, Ga., he was struck by a bullet in the foot, and, without leaving the line, sat down, and taking off his shoe, examined the wound ; finding it not serious, he again put on the shoe, resumed his place in the line, and fought on until night ; at Lookout Mountain, Tenn., he was slightly wounded in the head ; at Rocky Face Ridge, Ga., he was >wounded in the face ; at Kenesaw Mountain, Ga., he was again wounded in the head ; and at Atlanta, Ga., he was severely wounded in the arm and thigh ; he is said to have been wounded twice beside, but not reported in the list of casualties ; the date and place of his final muster out are not known ; he is supposed to have died from consumption at Atchison, Kansas, in 1882.

Henry P. Ostrander. Age 57 ; born in Lanesborough, Mass.; farmer; enlisted from Shields ; served as wagon master for a time ; was discharged for disability at Shell Mound, Tenn., Jan. 1, 1864 ; was father of Henry W. Ostrander, of same Company. Died at Topeka, Kansas, March 30, 1874. Alvin B. Foss. Age 16 ; born in Maine ; enlisted from Nora ; had previously served in Company B, 45th Illinois, from Sept. 4, 1861, until May 9, 1862. In August, 1864, was wounded in the shoulder, slightly ; he afterward lost his voice, and could only speak in a whisper for some months after his discharge ; had a brother who was a member of Company K, and his father was a member of another regiment, and is supposed to be the oldest Grand Army man living. The father and two sons reside at Randall, Jewell County, Kansas.

Francis L. Flanders. Age 19 ; born in New York ; farmer ; enlisted from Warren ; served with the Company until September, 1868 ; in July, 1863, while carrying water up the bank of the stream at Wartrace, slipped and caused a rupture in the groin ; sent to hospital Sept. 6, 1863 ; never rejoined the Company ; m. o. June 8, 1865. Studied medicine after he came home, and is now a physician at 601 East Sixteenth Street, Kansas City, Mo.

Edwin Van Dyke. Age 31 ; bora in Jo Daviess County, 111. ; miner ; enlisted from Millville ; was with the Company most of the time up to the 22d of Sept., 1863. when he was captured, with others, and spent a year and five months in Southern prisons ; was present at the battle of Chickmauga, where he was conspicuous for his coolness and bravery ; never rejoined the Company after his capture ; was discharged from hospital at. Springfield, 111., July 22, 1865 ; never recovered from the effects of his prison life, and died at Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 6, 1885.

Thomas Grice. Age 17 ; born in Ashland, Ohio ; cooper ; enlisted from Galena, 111., April 3, 1865 ; joined the Company near Knoxville, Tenn., in April, 1865 ; was transferred to the 21st Illinois, June 9, 1865 ; served with that Regiment until Dec. 16, 1865 ; m. o. at San Antonio, 'Texas ; is a cooper at Wyandotte, Kansas.

Sergeant John C. Darr. Age 26 : born in Pennsylvania ; carpenter ; enlisted from Pleasant Valley ; promoted to Corporal and Sergeant ; took part in many engagements ; m. o. with Regiment ; died in Kansas about 1882.

Corporal Alfred B. Foster. Age 24 ; born in Jo Daviess County, Ill. ; farmer ; enlisted from Thompson ; promoted to Corporal ; was almost constantly with command, but escaped wounds ; m. o. with Regiment ; is farming at Clay Centre, Kansas.

Thomas Craig. Age 20; born in Marshall, Clark County, 111. ; student ; enlisted from Elizabeth Sept. 17, 1864, joining the Regiment at Chattanooga in October ; at the battle of Franklin was captured by the enemy, while on the skirmish line, and was a prisoner of war until March 26, 1865 ; rejoined the command in East Tennessee in April ; m. o. with Regiment ; had previously served three years in Company I, 19th Illinois ; was once a prisoner of war for a few days in Tennessee, but escaped ; at Chickamauga was severely wounded in the hip, and a prisoner for ten days and until paroled. Is a liveryman at Stockton, Kansas.

John D. Stone. Age 20; born in Jo Daviess County, 111.; farmer; enlisted from Elizabeth Oct. 10, 1864 ; was at Nashville ; transferred to 21st Illinois June 9, 1865 ; m. o. at Victoria, Texas, Oct. 12, 1865. Resides near Winfield, Kansas.

Corporal William E. Tilton. Age 18 ; born in New York ; farmer ; enlisted from Nora ; appointed Corporal at the organization of the Company ; wounded in right side at the battle of Chickamauga ; m. o. with Regiment. Is a railroad contractor, and resides at Wakeeney, Kansas.

Corporal Hiram H. Hamilton. Age 17 ; born in Indiana ; farmer ; enlisted from Rush ; promoted to Corporal ; was severely wounded in the left leg at Chickamauga, falling into the enemy's hands, and remaining a prisoner for ten days, when he was paroled ; was disabled eight months ; returned to the command and was m. o. with the Regiment. Is a prominent and respected farmer at Beloit, Kansas.

Corporal Jehile C. Tucker. Age 18 ; born in Ohio ; farmer ; enlisted from Warren ; had a scalp wound at Chickamauga Sept. 20, 1863 ; promoted to Corporal Jan. 1, 1865 ; m. o. with Regiment. Is now farming at Walnut, Crawford County, Kansas.

Corporal John C. Simmons. Age 21 ; born in Illinois ; clerk ; enlisted from Nora ; promoted to Corporal ; m. o. with Regiment. Has been a sewing machine agent and salesman for musical instruments, but when last heard from was near Topeka, Kansas, on a stock farm.

J. Byron Jenkins. Age 20 ; born in New York ; farmer ; enlisted from Warren ; was knocked over by the concussion of a shell at Keuesaw Mountain, but not disabled ; was one of a few who never drank any intoxicating liquors while in the service ; m. o. with Regiment. Lived for several years since the war at Warren, where he sold agricultural implements ; is now at Manhattan. Kansas, where he is Foreman of the Manhattan Mills and Cement Co.

James P. Payne. Age 27 ; born in Green County, Wis. ; mason ; enlisted from "Warren ; was wounded slightly at Moccasin Point, but never off duty; was absent on furlough at m. o. of Regiment. Has been a Justice of the Peace four years ; is now a druggist, and resides at Harlan, Smith County, Kansas.

Jackson J. McKinley. Age 40 ; born in Pennsylvania ; farmer ; enlisted from Derinda Feb. 8, 1865 ; transferred to 21st Illinois June 9, 1865 ? m. o. at San Antonio, Texas, Dec. 16, 1865. Went to Western Kansas, where he died some years since.

Andrew A. McClellan. Age 29 ; born in Maryland ; carpenter ; enlisted from Savanna, Carroll County, March 28, 1865 ; transferred to 21st Illinois June 9, 1865 ; m. o. at San Antonio, Texas, Dec. 16, 1865. Is a druggist at Onaga, Kansas.

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