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Baileyvill Kansas.

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Baileyvill, Kansas.

Baileyville, a village of Nemaha county, is located on the St. Joseph & Grand Island and the Missouri Pacific railroads, 6 miles west of Seneca, the county seat. It has banking facilities, express and telegraph offices and a money order postoffice with two rural routes. The population in 1910 was 250. The town was founded b)' N. Bailey in 1880. A post office with G. M. Rasp as postmaster was established. A large hay press and sheds were erected by S. H. Rice & Co. of St. Joseph, who also started a store for the benefit of their employees and others who settled in the neighborhood.

Baileyvill, Kansas, Post Office.
Baileyvill post office open on February 25, 1880, and was still opened in 1961.
First Postmaster was G. M. Rasp, ( 1880-? ), Next was Beat E. Rice, ( ?-? ), then James Tennant, ( ?-? ) then B. W. Anderson, ( 1887-? ).

Businessmen of Baileyvill, Kansas, 1887.
B. W. Anderson, Grain & Coal Dealer, from Tennessee, came to county in 1884.
W. A. Crow, General Merchandise, from Missouri, came to county in 1883.
W. N. Franke, Livery & Feed Barn, from Illinois, came to county in 1858.
George S. Melinday, General Merchandise, from Vermont, came to county in 1884.
M. Sigler, Blacksmith & Farmer, from New Jersey, came to county in 1881.
L. Wilhelm, Blacksmith & Wagon Maker, from Indiana, came to county in 1886.
M. M. Wachter, Druggist & Physician, from Maryland, came to county on 1885.
J. H. Young, General Merchandise, from Indiana, came to county in 1883..

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