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Eudora Kansas & Charles Pilla.

This is what Mr. Pilla would seen when he came into Eudora in 1908.
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Eudora, Kansas, 1867.

Eudora is near the north-east corner of Douglas County, and about three miles south of the Kansas river and nine east of Lawrence Kansas, the County Seat.  This is a very beautiful and fertile section of the country, with both timer and good water.  The town has grown and become thrifty and enterprising, and as the surrounding parts are favorable, the place will continue to grow and improve.  It now has a population of about 400..

Eudora Post Office History Given In 1883.

The post office of Eudora was established in the summer of 1857, and A. Summerfield appointed as first Postmaster. Mr. Summerfield was succeeded by T. C. Hockett, who, in 1862, was succeeded by Frederick L. Pilla. Mr. Pilla retained the post mastership until his death, in 1871, when he was succeeded by the present incumbent, Charles Pilla. The office was made a money-order office, July, 1878, and its business is rapidly increasing.

Charles Pilla one of Eudora's leading citizens.
Charles Pilla was born in Rhenish Bevaria, February 19, 1830, came to America in 1849, lived in New York for a while, then came to Kansas in 1865, and settled in Eudora Kansas.  Once here he soon became a will known business man.  He and brothers had a General store and other business interests.  Mr. Pilla would become Eudora's fourth Post master.
Charles Pilla married Miss Alice B. Smith on September 10, 1865 at Factoryville on Staten Island, New York.  This union give him four children; Alvina, Louise, Charles and Molvie Pilla.  Mr. and Mrs. Pilla were married about thirty-four years when she died on January 15, 1899, he followed her on September 4, 1916.  Mr. Pilla is buried at Eudora City Cemetery, Eudora, Douglas County Kansas.

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