Tuesday, March 11, 2014

John M. O'Connell.

Picture publish date 1917.
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John M O'Connell.

Birth: 1870, Ohio.
Death: Sep. 27, 1959.

Parents: Daniel Calvin O'Connell (1841 - 1893), Mary Ellen Sullivan O'Connell (1854 - 1933).

Wife: Jeannette Wheeler O'Connell (1874 - 1962).

Children: Cornelius M O'Connell (1904 - 1954).

Burial: Pleasant View Cemetery, Logan, Phillips County, .Kansas

Mr. O'Connell came to Phillips county in 1879 and settled in section 36, of Logan township.  He was a farmer and township trustee and treasurer.  His post office address was Logan, Kansas, which was two miles west of the farm.  The land he lived on was own by his mother-in law, Saran McKinney. 

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