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Hillsboro Kansas.

Map 1885.
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Hillsboro Kansas 1883.

Hillsboro, ten miles from Marion Center, on the Marion & McPherson Railroad, has J. F. Hay for its station agent; Christian Ramsier for its Postmaster. The town of Hillsboro was laid out on the north half of the southwest quarter of Section 34, Town 19, Range 4, June 24, 1879. Beebe's Addition to Hillsboro was laid out on the south half of the northwest quarter of Section 34, Town 19, Range 12, August 3, 1880 ; Kliever's Addition to Hillsboro is a recent enlargement of the town. The town is improving quite rapidly. Funk & Son opened up one of the best steam mills in the West, in April, 1882. It stands about thirty rods west of the station. Here are four grain shippers, two lumber dealers, two physicians, three hardware stores, four general stores, two blacksmith shops, two banks, one restaurant, one meat market, one drug store, one hotel, one furniture store. The Methodist Episcopal Church has an organization and there are several Mennonites in the town, also some German Catholics. Here is School District No. 82. The school building is a two story stone structure; W. P. Rife is the Principal. Prof. Burgdorph has a private German school; it is well patronized.

Hillsboro Kansas 1912.

Hillsboro, one of the thriving litttle cities of Marion county, is located in Risley township on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R. and on French creek, 10 miles west of Marion, the county seat. The surrounding country is devoted to agriculture and stock raising. There are 2 banks, and all lines of business pursuits. Most of the people are German and the Hillsboro Journal, which is the weekly newspaper, is printed in that language. The town is supplied with express and telegraph offices and has an international money order postoffice with five rural routes. The population in 1910 was 1,134.  Hillsboro was laid out in 1879. In 1882 one of the best steam mills in the west was established here. The Phonograph, the first paper, was Started by J. T. Groat.

Businessmen of Hillsboro, Kansas, 1885.

Would War Roll Of Honor.

Marion County put out a book honoring the service men and women of the county.  It cover most of all the towns within the county. As this is about Hillsboro I will but up a few from the town.  There are hundreds of piectures in the book.  If you had a ancestor living within Marion County and would like to know if their in the book drop me a line and I will take a look.  

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