Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Elwood-Roseport, Kanss

Elwood, formerly "Roseport," one of the principal towns of Doniphan county, is located on the Missouri river opposite St. Joseph, Mo., with which it is connected by bridges. It is at the extreme eastern point of the county, in Washington township, on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific, and on the St. Joseph & Grand Island railroads, 14 miles east of Troy, the county seat.

A trading post was established on the site of Elwood in 1852 by Henry Thompson, who in 1856 sold 160 acres to the "Roseport Town company" which had been organized by St. Joseph capitalists. The consideration paid Thompson was $10,000. The town grew rapidly in its early years and was a dangerous rival to St. Joseph. A hotel of 75 rooms was built and enjoyed liberal patronage. In 1858 there were ten stores, all lines of business was well represented. By 1859 the population was 2,000,and the town might have outstripped its neighbor had not the inroads of the Missouri river washing away acres of the best improved property, discouraged capital and enterprise. The first store was opened by A. N. Campbell, in 1856, and the first sawmill by William High in the same year. The next year Daniel W. Wilder, author of Wilder's Annals of Kansas, opened a real estate office, and James P. Brace was made postmaster of the newly established postoffice. In 1860 the town was incorporated as a "city of the first class." The first company of the first regiment sent into the Civil war by Kansas was organized here.

In 1876 the town was reorganized and an election held which resulted in the selection of J. W. Montgomery as mayor and the appointment of J. R. Stone as city clerk. The population in 1910 was 636. It has a  money order postoffice, telegraph and express offices, telephone connections, graded public schools, and a good local trade.

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