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Tippinville Kansas Now in Denison Kansas.

Tippinville was so named from force of circumstances, Welwood Tippin, a petty merchant, some years ago kept a smal store here.  The inhabitant's of the vicinity thus came to call the place Tippinville.  The name is not generally satisfactory to the inhabitants, and an effort is being made to have it changed to Bloomfield, the name of the post office here in North Cedar.

The town has become quite an important center.  It has three neat churches; the Presbyterian, the Christian and the reformed Presbyterian.  There are two General stores one kept by S. J. Sweet, and the other kept by Patterson & Roberts.  There is also a Millinery store kept by Mrs. Bradley, a wagon shop by Joseph Kevan; a shoe shop, by George Warck; harnes shop, by A. J. Parker; two blacksmith shops, by John Dutt and John Chestnut.  A large Cheese factory has just been completed, it is owned by a stock company, and bids fair to do very large and profitable business.  It is the only factory of the kind in the county.  According to the census of 1880, the town had a population of forty-two, since then it has nearly doubled.

Census of 1880.

The 1880, census has the town spelling as Tippinsville.  Although there were about 42, souls in Tippinville, I will only list the head of the families, and the number in the whole family.

Josiah D, Adams, Physician, 2.
Abros Patterson, Farmer, 4.
Irving W. Roberts, Dry Goods & Groceries, 5.
Charles W. Buffon, Druggist, 4.
John M. Chestnut, Blacksmith, 4.
Samuel W. Patterson, Dry Goods & Groceries, 4.
Robert J. C. Dodds, Physician, 5.
John R. Dutt, Blacksmith, 7.
Samuel Linton, Grocery store, 3.
Andrew Parker, Harness maker, 7.
Total  population 45, plus 3, others.

Denison, one of the thriving towns in Jackson county, is located on the Missouri Pacific R. R. in Cedar township, 10 miles southeast of Holton, the county seat. Among the public improvements is a $2,000 electric light plant and a $5,500 school building. There are several well stocked stores, banking facilities, express and telegraph offices, and a postoffice with one rural route. The population in 1910 was 325. Denison is the successor of the old town of Tippinville, founded in 1858 by Welwood Tippin. This was a thrifty little town having a dozen business establishments, including one of the first cheese factories in Kansas. In 1887 when the railroad came through it missed Tippinville, going a mile south. The little town was picked up and moved bodily to the railroad. Most of the buildings moved at that time are still in existence.

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