Saturday, May 26, 2012

Campus Kansas, Gove County.

There is not much on the town of Campus, so if you have a story about Campus or had a ancestor who lived there and you would like to see it on this gage let me know, I would be more than glad to post it.
Campus, a village of Grinnell township, Gove county, is a station on the Union Pacific R. R. near the northwest corner of the county, about 20 miles from Gove, the county seat. It has a money order postoffice, telephone connections, general stores, a lumber yard, etc., and in 1910 reported a population of 50.  Campus got its name from being a railroad camp at the end of the tracks or end of the railroad line.  The name tended to changed as the railroad moved west.  The town had two general stores, lumberyard, blacksmith shop, farm implement store, church, school, depot, postoffice, elevator, stockyards and five residences.  The town was plated by Cora A. Doering and filed February 16, 1906.  

Post Office opened July 13, 1905 and ran to October 10, 1935, the first postmaster was Louis H. Doering.

Grinnell Township Map.

Directory of Gove County.

Chris Bertseh, Farmer, Came to county 1905.
Jed Friend, Farmer, Came to county 1905.
William Sidles, Farmer P. O. Campus & Grinnell, Came to county 1885.
John Suter, Farmer, Came to county 1886.
P. C. Wies, Farmer, Came to county 1903.

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