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Chronological Records Of Kansas Regiments In The Civil War.

This is a time line on the happenings in Kansas and a few other states at the time of the civil war.  This is about the Kansas regiments movements, through out Kansas and a few other states, like Kansas City, Missouri.

July 18, 1861, Kansas City, Mo., Home Guards, under Major Van Horn, attacked near Harrisonville by a superior force of rebels, whom they defeated, killing and wounding 20, Union loss 1 killed.

September 14, 1861, A rebel camp near Kansas City, Mo., was broken up; 7 men killed and six taken prisoners.

September 27, 1861, A body of Kansas troops, under Montgomery and Jamison, engaged the advance guard of McCulloch's reble army near Shanghai in Benton County, Mo., and drove them back with loss.

October 12, 1861, Captain P. G. Morton captured a train of 21 wagons, 425 cattle and 35 prisoners, with stores for hostile Cherokees, at Chelsea Kansas.

November 11, 1861, 110 of Colonel Anthonys regiment attacked a rebel camp on the Little Blue river, near Kansas City Mo., when proved too strong for themand after severe fight, Colonel Anthony's men were drawn off in good order, lossing 8 killed and 8 wounded.

November 20, 1861, Colonel Burchard with Lieutenant Gregg and 24 men, attacked a large company of rebels under Captains Hays and Gregg near Kansas City, Mo., and defeated them, killing 5 and wounding 8.  The colonel and Lieutenant, were slightly wounded.

December 13, 1861, Villages of Papinsville and Butler, Bates County, Mo., rebel rendezvous, were burned by Major Williams of the 3rd., Kansas.

January 5, 1862, 5 federal soldiers were killed by rebels in a ambush in Johnson County, Kansas.

January 8, 1862, The First Kansas, regiment on its march from Sedalia to Lexington Mo., was fired upon from ambush, and a Sergeant and two horses killed.

January 14, 1862, The First Kansas, regiment arrived at Lexington Mo., and arrested several prominent rebels.  They also seized a large quantiy of stores designed for the use of General Price.

January 17, 1862, Two companies of the First Kansas Cavalry under Major Halderman, arrested Captain Whitney, Joe Shelby and several other rebel officers and also recovered a number of horses, mules, wagons, etc., taken from Colonel Mulligan's command at Lexington Mo.

July 23, 1862, General Jame H. Lane of Kansas, was authorized by the government to organize an independent brigade in Kansas.

August 24, 1862, Skirmish near Lamar Kansas, Quantrell and Hay's reb., troops attacked Kansas troops under Major Campbell and Captain Grund.  Fed., loss 2 killed and 21 wounded.

September 6, 1862, The town of Platte, Johnson County, Kansas, was sacked by rebel guerrillas, under Quantrell, several of the inhabitants murdered.

October 17, 1862, Quantrell guerrillas entered Shawnee, Kansas, sacked the town, burned 13 houses and killed 4 men.

October 29, 1862, First Kansas ( Colored ), Colonel Seaman defeated reb., guerrillas under Cockcrill, with a loss of 30 killed and wounded.  Union loss 8 killed, 10 wounded.

November 11, 1862, 134 prisoners taken and 16 reb., killed by Colonel Lee's Kansas Cavalry near La Grange, Tennessee.

November 12, 1862, Cavalry engagement near Lamar, Mississippi, detachments of 2nd., Illinois and 27th., Kansas, Major J. J. Mudd, routed a force of rebs., with severe loss.

May 18, 1863, Two companies of the 2nd., Kansas Artillery, Major Ward, defeated by rebels near Sherwood, Mo., and 26 of the soldiers killed, wounded or taken prisoners.

July 20, 1863, The town of Lawrence, Kansas, was sacked by rebs., under Quantrells.  130 citizens murdered and a large portion of the town burned.  Quantrell's band was pursued by Fed., troops, and over 100 of them killed.

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