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Union Ex-Prisoners Of War, Association Of Kansas.

The first ( Union Ex-Prisoners Of War, Association Of Kansas ), was held on September 15, 1881, it was held in the old senate chamber in the State Capitol.  This organization was like many others across the nation, to get together to talk of old times and exchange experiences of being a prisoner of war.  Of course there was more then that, this was just the short of it.  The membership of the first meeting was about 250, the dues were 25,cents per year.  At the second meeting that was held on September 14, 1882, at the State Capitol, the membership was 375.  As this being a union association no southerns were alowed.    I will not try to list all the members but I will list a few.

This list will state the soldier name and were he was captured and what prison or prisons he was held.

James Alexander, Topeka, Shawnee County, Co. H., 43, Indiana, Markswell, 1864----February 25, 1865.
Enlisted November 19, 1861, at Greencastle, Indiana, Age 18, discharged June 14, 1865, mustered out Inianapolis, Sergeant, Occupation: Farmer.

James M. Asher, Burlingame, Osage County, Co. B., 6, Kansas Cavalry, Mazzard Prairie, July 27, 1864, Camp Ford, May 22, 1865.  Sergeant, Asher James, M. enlisted Aug. 12, '61, Mustered in Aug. 12, '61.  Remarks: Assigned to Co. M, April 8, 1865; pris'r of war, capt'd at Muzzard Prairie, Ak., July 27, '64.

Thomas Anderson, Wilder, Johnson County, Co. C., 1st, Wisconsin Infantry, Captured Chickamauga, September 19, 1863, Prisoner Beel Island, Libby and Danville; escaped June 26, 1864.

Charles Baker, Wabauness, Wabausee County, Co. H, 6th., Indiana, captured Shiloh, April 1862, prison Andersonville, August 2, 1862.

Charles M. Booth, Nickerson, Reno county, Co. A., 8, New York Cavalry, captured Stony Creek station, Va., June 1864, Andersonville, March 1, 1865.  BOOTH, CHARLES M. Age, 21 yeara Enlisted, October 21,1861; at Canandaigua; mustered in as private, Co. A, October 28, 1861, to serve three years; appointed corporal, July 3, 1862; sergeant, November 27, 1862; re-enlisted, December 1, 1863; captured, June 29, 1864, at Stony Creek Statioh, Va.; mustered out, June 27, 1865, with company, at Alexandria, Va.

William J. Bates, Valley Falls, Jefferson County, Co. I., 2nd, Kansas Cavalry, captured Flat Rock, September 16, 1864, Tyler Texas, June,1865.  Private Bates William J. residence Grasshopper F., enlisted  Dec. 6, '61, mustered in Dec. 6, '61.  Remarks: Promoted Saddler December 19, 1861.  Saddler; Must. out Aug. 11, '65, at Leav., Kan; was pris'r of war, capt'd near Ft. Gibson, C. N., Sep. 16, '64.

R. E. Burns, Dodge City, Ford County, Co. G., 97th., New York, Infantry, captured Gettysburg, July 2, 1863, Pemberton, March, 1864. BURNS, ROBERT E., Age, 19 years. Enlisted at New Albion, to serve three years, and mustered in as private, Co. G, August 21, 1863; captured in action, December 2, 1863, at Mine Run, V a . ; paroled and returned to duty, August 12, 1864; transferred to Forty-second Company, Second Battalion, Veteran Reserve Corps, January 10, 1865; discharged for disability, July 19, 1865, at Lincoln Hospital, Washington, D. C.

Frank. B. Colver, Topeka, Shawnee County, Second Lieutenant, Co. G., 123rd, Infantry, and 8th., Infantry, captured Winchester, June 15, 1863, Libby, escaped, November 3, 1864.

M. D. Cuthbertson, Chillcothe, Livingston, County, Missouri, Co. D., 72nd, Ohio, captured Guntown, Mississippi, June 10, 1864, Andersonville, December 16, 1864.

Boston Corbett, Concordia, Cloud County, Co. L., 16th., New York, Cavalry, captured Cenerville, Va., June 24, 1864, Andersonville, November 19, 1864.  CORBETT, BOSTON. Age, 31 years. Enlisted, August 1,1863, at New York; mustered in as private, Co. L, September 5, 1863, to serve three years; appointed corporal, September 6, 1863; reduced to ranks, February 26, 1861; captured, June 26, 1861; appointed sergeant, October 31, 1861; mustered out, August 17,1865, at Washington, D. C.

John M. Dunsmore, Thayer, Neosho, County, Co. E., 110 Pennsylvania, captured Cedar Mountain, August 9, 1862, Libby and Belle Island, December, 1862.  Dunsmore John M., Private, mustered March 2, 1862, 3, years. Discharged by General Order, May 3, 1865.

Amos Davis, Carbondale, Osage County, Co. C., 61st., IIllinois Infantry, captured Murfreesboro, December 15, 1864, Andersonville, April 18, 1865.  Private, enlisted November 7, 1861, at Carrollton, Illinois, Age 21, Height 6feet, Hair Dark, Eyes Hazel, Complexion Light, Residence Jersey County, Illinois.  Re-enlisted as a veteran.

William H. Dunn, Topeka, Shawnee County, Co. H., 51st., Infantry, Illinois, captured Rome, Ga., May 3, 1863, Belle Isle, May 22, 1863.

William Edwards, Jewell City, Jewell County, Co. F., 51st., Illinois Infantry, Co. F., Captured Franklin, Tenn., December 30, 1864, Andersonville, April 5, 1865.  Enlisted September 20, 1861, at Springfield, Illinois, Private, Mustered in same day, Age 23, Height 5feet 9inches, Hair Black, Eyes Gray, Complexion Light, Occupation Farmer, Mustered out July 5, 1865.

John G. Ellis, Carbondale, Osage County, Co. G., 130th, Illinois Infantry, captured Mansfield, La., April 8, 1864, Tyler Texas, May 27, 1865.  Enlisted October 15, 1862, Private, at Camp Butler, Illinois, for 3 years, Age 30, mustered in October 25, 1862, Residence Fullers Point, Coles County, Height 5Feet 8inches, Hair Light, Eyes Black, Complexion Light, Occupation Farmer, Remarks: Trans. to Co. G., 77th infantry, Re-trans. to 130th.  He is not on the muster roll of the 77th., because of being a prisoner of war, mustered out June 17, 1865.

Cyrus A. Frank, Humbolt, Allen County, Co. A., 9th., Penn., Infantry, captured Griswold, Ga., November 22, 1864, Florence, February, 1865.  Mustered in October 3, 1861, Mustered out with company July 18, 1865, Veteran.

John Fitch, Westphalia, Anderson County, Co. I., 5th., Kansas Infantry, captured Marks Mill, Ark., April 25, 1864, Tyler Texas, February 25, 1865. Private, Fitch John, residence Black Jack, enlisted Nov. 14, 1861, Feb. 7, 1862.  Mustered out November 18, 1865, Leavenworth, Kan.

John E. Greer, Grass, Montgomery County, Co. F., 5th., Indiana , Cavalry, captured Beans Station, November 9, 1863, Libby, Macon, Charleston and Columbia; Exchanged December, 1864.

W. H. Gill, St. Mary's, Pottawatomie County, Co. A., 27th., Conn., captured Chancellorsville, May 6, 1863, Libby, July 30, 1863.

Charles B. Haslett, Frankford, Marshall County, Co. D., 8th., Kansas Infantry, captured Chickamauga, September 20, 1863.  Andersonville, December 11, 1863. Privates Haslett Charles B.enlisted Sept. 24, '61, mustered in Sept. 28, '61.  Mustered out on det. roll Leavenworth, Kan., April 1, 1865.

M. C. Harris, Maria, Leavenworth County, Captain, Co. C., 96th., New York, Infantry, captured Fair Oaks, October 27, 1864, Libby and Danvill, February 6, 1865. Harris , Mrrlin or Meelin C., A g e , 21 years. Enrolled, November 12, 1861, at Moriah, to serve three years; mustered i n as sergeant, Co. K , November 21, 1861; re-enlisted as a veteran, January 1, 1861; mustered i n as first lieutenant, Co. F , June 1, 1861; as captain, Co. C, April 30, 1865; mustered out with company, February 6, 1866, at City Point, V a . Commissioned first lieutenant, July 16, 1861, with rank from June 3, 1861, vice J . Matthews, promoted; captain, May 17, 1865, with rank from March 1, 1865, vice J . Matthews, mustered out.


auntibeck said...

Hi! I've been researching my husbands ancestor Philander William Straw in the 2nd Kansas cavalry. Went in in '61 as a private, promoted to Seargent at some point then promoted in '64 to 2nd Lt. Captured near Ft Gibson Sept 16, '64. I've been wanting to find more about how, and where he was imprisoned and what the circumstances were that released him. He mustered out in '65. Some of what I've read leads me to think he was in the resistance to the 2nd Battle at Cabin Creek raid by the confederates and so that was when he was captured.
Wondered if you have any suggested web sites that talk about this or suggested sites. Thank you!!

Dennis Segelquist said...

Your info is right, as far as you went, here is his records as he moved throungh the ranks.

Company E.
Private Straw Philander W. Residence Brownsville, Nb., Enlisted Nov. 30, 1861, Mustered in Nov. 30, 1861. Transferred to Co. G, January 7, 1862.

Company G.
Private Straw Philander W. Promoted 1st Sergeant, Jan. 7, 1862.

First Sergeant Straw Philander W. Promoted 2d Lieutenant May 23, 1864.

Second Lieutenant Straw Philander W. May 23, 1864 Assigned to duty as 2d Lieut. in new Co. D, March 18, 1865; prisoner of war, captured near Fort Gibson, C. N., Sept. 16, 1864.

New Company D.
Second Lieutenant Straw Philander W. Residence Brownsville, Nb. Mustered in May 23, 1864. Mustered out June 14, 1865, Leavenworth, Kan.

Note Straw was at the time of his captuure a first Lieutenant, he was with a train which was a attacked by a large reble force at Flat Rock. All those who were capture were taken within four miles of the battle field of Cabin Creek . If I understand the report he may have escaped. There is nothing more on him in the Official record. The Kansas Adjutant General has no papers on other then what's on the rosters. I just read the field notes og company G., and Straw and 17 others made their escape.

Paul Dudley said...

Mr. Segelquist -

Great site - I appreciate how you pull these names out of nooks and crannies in the record where they wouldn't otherwise be found.

I was reading your Feb 2012 posting of the Union Ex-prisoners of War Association of Kansas and noticed the name of Boston Corbett. I'm pretty sure this is the same man who shot and killed John Wilkes Booth after the assassin's flight into Virginia. The unit that ran down Booth was the 16th NY Cavalry, the same one mentioned on the Association list. Interesting that he ended up in Kansas!

Paul Dudley