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Robert M. Shaffer.

This information came from the following: History of Montgomery County, Kansas. By Its Own People.Published by L. Wallace Duncan. Iola, Kansas. Press of Iola Register. 1903.

Entered Service at 18, years.
 Robert M. Shaffer Among the prominent and representative citizens of Elk City, is R. M. Shaffer, grain and coal dealer. His connection with the busiuess interests of the town dates back to l892, and prior to that he had been one of the leading farmers of the county for thirteen years. Three decades of circumspect living in a community gives a man a most powerful influence in shaping its moral and civic life, and thus the biographer found Mr. Shaffer a most proper subject for a volume devoted to the history of the men who have made Montgomery what she is today-among the best counties in the state.

Athens county, Ohio, was the place of the birth of Mr. Shaffer and July 11, 1846, the date. He had not yet finished his school days when the roll of the drum fired his young and couiageous heart to volunteer for the defense of Old Glory, and right valiantly did he carry himself during the four long years of that sanguinary conflict. He enlisted three different times and served in all. three years and three months. His first enlistment was in Co. "H," 87th O. V. I., May 25, 1862. This regiment became a part of the Army of the Potomac, and was stationed at Harper's Ferry. It had .scarcely got its bearings when the Confederates appeared in force and captured the whole post. The munitions of war seemed the only part of their capture they cared to keep, and the regiment was paroded en masse on the 17th of September. Resolved to see more of the war, our subject, in October, once more enlisted, this time in Co. "A," 129th O. V. I., a regiment which was part of Burnsides corps and whose first engagement was at Cumberland Gap, Tenn.

His term of service expiring March I8, 1864. Mr. Shaffer again enlisted, Co., "A,"' of the 38th O. V. I., enrolling him as a private soldier. He served in the snpply department of Sherman's army in the Atlanta campaign until the fall of that city, and then joining ilie victorious legions of that general, made the march to the sea, and up to the scene of the final surrender. With his battle-scarred companions. he participated in that Grand Review which has never ceased to he the subject of pen and story, and then took part in that other sublime spectacle which has heen the wonder of the ages--the peaceful disintegration of a victorious army and its quiet return to civic life.

A farmer for three years, a section foreman on a railroad for four, a husbandman on his own land for seven more, all in Ohio, brought our subject to 1879. the date of his coming to Montgomery county. He bought land near Elk City and engaged in farming until 1892, when he removed to town and entered upon the business he now conducts. During his residence in the county, Mr. Shaffer has been zealous in forwarding its interests, serving in different offices of trust in his school district, and since his residence in town has been continuously a meumber of the common council. He and his family are active workers in the Christian church, of which he is an Elder. Fraternally he attiliates with the Masonic order, and is a prominent member of the G. A. R., of the local post of which organization he has been Commander continuously for nine years. Politically, he supports the policies of the Republican party.

Noting family history briefly. Mr. Shaffer is a son of William H., and Ann McNeal Shaffer, natives of the Keystone State. After their marriage they moved to Ohio, settling in Athens county, where the father passed the renuiinder of his life. He was a farmer and occupied a leading position in the community. He died August 7, 1866. He was a member of the Missionary Baptist church; the wife is a member of the Christian church and now resides in Elk City, a much venerated and loved woman, at the advanced age of eigbtv vears.
The family is as follows: Our subject," R. M.; David W., of Salem, Ohio: .Martha J., Mrs. William P. Herrv, of Lamj.asas. Texas; John H.,of Elk Cilv; Asbnrv H.. of Marseilles. HI.; Pox (Vlenda. of Elk Citv; Ami C. of Chauncey. O. ; Andrew M.. of Oakland, Ill.; Ceorge W., of Brushy Fork, Ill.

On the 20th of May, 1866, Mr. Shaffer was joined in marriage with Miss Mary L., a daughter of Wm. H. and Elizabeth (Roach) Powell, of Morgan county, Ohio. Mrs. Shaffer's father was killed at the battle of the Wilderness, the mother dying in 1856. There were two children besides R. M.: Riley E., of Chauncey, Ohio, and Maxwell G., of Burton, Ks. To the marriage of our subject have been born: Azra W., a minister and singing evangelist of the Christian church; Charles B., deceased; Flora M., deceased; Lizzie, deceased; Ollie I., Mrs. Ora Fitzgerald, of Elk City; Mamie M., Mrs. C. D. Close, of Neal Kan.; Nannie, deceased, and Elza R., of Elk Citv.

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Thank you Dennis! I am a Shaffer descendant, by Robert's brother Andrew M. Shaffer. I have had a hard time finding anything about the family, so this is wonderful!

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