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Stuttgart Kansas.

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Stuttgart is an unincorporated community in Phillips County, Kansas, United States, founded on February 6, 1888. It lies in the north of Kansas at U.S. Route 36 between Prairie View and Phillipsburg, not far from the border with Nebraska. Its beginning can be traced back to the early 1870s, when the first settlers arrived in the area. From its beginnings as shelters and small block houses, Stuttgart grew to have two Lutheran churches, a public school, hotel, cafe, bank, cinema, hairdresser, post office, wood yard, grocer's shop, railway depot, grain silo, repairshop, blacksmith, dairy, and more.

Today it is a calmer settlement. There is yet another Lutheran church, a grain silo, a garage and a gas station with service, as well as a photo studio.

The original name of Stuttgart, was Wagnerville, and was establisned 1876, it's Post Office open on Jume 14, 1882 and ran through July 31, 1888.  After the name change the new Post Office open on February 6, 1888 and ran through to June 1, 1986.  There was a community Post Office that open in 1986, and ran through to 2000, when it too closed.

To learn more about Stuttgart History and it's people take this link.

Business Men of Stuttgart Kansas, 1900.

Although Some of these Business men lived in other townships they used Stuttgart P. O. as their address.  At the end of each name I will give the township they lived in.

1. G. W. Beckman, Farmer and Stock Raiser--Belmont.
2. James Hopper, Farmer and Stock Raiser--Dayton.
3. Mathias Muller, Farmer and Stock Raiser--Dayton.
4. J. W. Randolph, Farmer and Stock Raiser--Dayton.
5. E. A. Rhoads, Farmer and Stock Raiser--Dayton.
6. J. C. Steele, Farmer and Stock Raiser--Dayton.

The town of Stuttgart is in Mound Township.

7. H. Bohl, Farmer and Stock Raiser--Mound.
8. A. H. Dusin, Farmer and Stock Raiser--Mound.
9. John Finch, Farmer and Stock Raiser--Mound.
10. L. Gackstatter, Farmer and Stock Raiser--Mound.
11. C. Hacker, Farmer and Stock Raiser--Mound.
12. Charles M. Merklein, Farmer and Stock Raiser--Mound.
13. H. D. Rogers,Farmer and Stock Raiser--Mound.
14. Traugott Schulz, Pastor German Lutheran Church--Mound.
15. L. W. Slinker, Farmer and Stock Raiser--Mound.
16. L. Stepper, Farmer and Stock Raiser--Mound.
17. M. Weinmann, Farmer and Stock Raiser--Mound.


Anonymous said...

After visiting this site I came across the name of my GG Grandfather boy was I excited to see that. I really enjoyed the picture of Stuttgart. Thanks so much for all your time in putting together this piece of history. Sincerely Julie

Deborah Jones said...

My family is from Phillipsburg and Stuggart Kansas - Phillips County. Who is your GG Grandfather.

Dennis Segelquist said...

I'm just a helper, and have no family in Stuttgart, Kansas.

Pat Northern said...

Don't know if this is going through but we are trying to find out what our grandfather Charles Dixon and wife Katherine Dixons parents first names are