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Sons Of Dartmouth Collage & Kansas.

The men on this list were classmen of Dartmouth Collage.  These men played a part of Kansas military history.  In some cases there was more information on them, but I only put down what part they palyed in Kansas History.   However if you would like the rest of the information let me know and I well see that you receive it.

Jonas Colby, class of 1831, Located at Defiance, Ohio, in 1832, afterwards went to Kansas, where he remained several years, serving as Physician, Surgeon and associate Justice of Williams County.  Died May 28, 1876.

Rufus Gilpatrick, class of 1834, went to Kansas in 1854, and was one of the foremost actors in the stirring events that attended the organiztion of that State.  He was an intimate friend of Captain John Brown, with whom he was identified in the "Underground" Railway operations so called, and whom he acted in the great struggle.  He was president of the first state congressional convention, presidential elector in 1860.  He was killed in the war on April 14, 1863.

Oliver Chamberlain, class of 1837, was appointed Surgeon United States Volunteers.  In the fall of 1861, from Illinois; was assigned to duty at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, in charge of a reccruiting camp; in tthe latter part of the following winter was placed in charge of the Hospital at Leavenworth, was attached to the Eighth, Kansas Infantry, and sent south to the Army of the Cumberland.

David Sands Vittum, class of 1845, was commissioned Captain of the Third regiment Wisconsin Cavalry, in January 26, 1862,.  The regiment left the state for St. Louis, March 26, 1862.  On May 11, it reported for duty at Fort Leavenworth.  Colonel Barstow of the regiment was appointed Provost marshal-General of Kansas.  The regiment was distributed through out Kansas.  One Battalion in wich was Captain Vittum's company F., was station at Fort Scott, Kansas, which was then the extreme outpost of the Union forces.
He was later promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.  He would die on April 10, 1880.  

John Stevenson Hidden, class of 1847, was commissioned surgeon in the Fifteenth Kansas Cavalry, February 3, 1864, but was probably not mustered into the United Ststes service as no record of such service appears in the Kansas records.

Albert Newman, class of 1851, was commissioned surgeon of the Third regiment Kansas, July 29, 1861.  Served with this regiment at Fort Scott, Kansas, and vicinity until April 19, 1862when the Third and Fourth regiments consolidated and named the Tenth.  Newman was then assigned to duty at the post hospital, at Leavenworth, Kansas, and shortly afterwards was detailed as acting surgeon of the First regiment Kansas Volunteers.

Lucius Stearns Shaw, class of 1857, was apponited Second Lieutenant of the Second Kansas Infantry, ( Three month's troops ) June 20, 1861; was in General Nathaniel Lyon's command at the battle of Wilson's Creek, Mo.  While the regiment was returning to Kansa, he was fatally injured by the falling of the Katte River Bridge, Mo.  (Fird by the enemy, September 2, 1861), he was taken to St. Joseph, where he diedSeptember 5.  Wrapped in the American colors, his remains were sent with a flag of truce across the river, thence to Lawrence Kansas, and buried with military honors.

Horace Meeker Dnke, class of 1858, Enlisted May 16, 1861, at Lawrence Kansas, in company D., Second regiment Kansas Volunteers; Mustered in June 20, 1861; died October 6, 1861, from wounds received in the battle at Wilson's Creek, Mo., August 10, 1861.


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