Saturday, February 1, 2014

John M. O'Connell.

Picture publish date 1817.
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John M O'Connell.

Birth: 1870.
Death: Sep. 27, 1959.

Parents: Daniel Calvin O'Connell (1841 - 1893), Mary Ellen Sullivan O'Connell (1854 - 1933).

Wife: Jeannette Wheeler O'Connell (1874 - 1962).

Children: Dan C., Ivan B., Cornealius N., John B., and Jennette O'Connell.

Burial: Pleasant View Cemetery, Logan, Phillips County, Kansas.

Mr. O'Connell came to Phillips county in 1879, and settled in section 36, it was a 160 acre farm but he didn't own the land.  It was own by Sarah McKinney who later would become Mr. O'Connell, mother-in-law.  Mr. O'Connell later would become a farmer on section 36, and Logan's Township, Trustee and Treasurer.  His post office address was Logan, Kansas, which was about 2 and a half miles west of the house. He would also own 164 acres in section 1, of Logan township. 

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