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Grand Opera House, Topeka, Kansas

Picture publish date 1905.
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A corporation was organized in 1881 for the construction of the Grand Opera House, the most pretentious amusement enterprise ever undertaken in Topeka. The Grand was built on lots Nos. 193, 195 and 197, Jackson street, at a cost of $40,000, and opened in September, 1882, with the Emma  Abbott opera company as the attraction. It was operated under various managers for a period of 12 years, with a limited financial success, and finally passed into the hands of the Crawford syndicate, and has been closed for the past five years. When in actual running order it was a model playhouse, with a stage 60 by 60 feet, a splendid equipment and a seating capacity of 1,500.

1885-1886;  Grand Opera House. Louis M. Wood and Oliver P. Updegraff Mangers. Jon. Ashbaugh was Janitor.

1887-1888; J. W. Barron, Manger.

1888-1889; Grand Opera House, located on Jackson street, near Sixth avenue, is owned by C. F. Kendall, and is one of the largest and handsomest opera houses in the West, with a seating capacity of over 1,500.

1888-1889; Topeka Humane Society, for the prevention of cruelty to animals ! and children, was duly organized on the coldest day during the winter ' of 1887, in the Grand Opera House, where the greatest cruelty was imposed on the audience by the slow-freezing process it was compelled to undergo, owing to the failure of the engineer to "fire up" the house. nothing has since been heard of this humane society, although j there is still a supply of animals, cruelty and children in our midst.

1893-1894; Grand Opera House, Lester M. Crawford, Prop. and manger.

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