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Elijah Smith Borland.

Picture publish date 1899.
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Elijah Smith Borland.

Birth: 1821.
Death: 1923.

Wife Maria Warner Borland, 1847-1921.

Burial: Carbondale Cemetery, Carbondale, Osage County.

Mr.   Borland came to Osage County and settled in section 13, of Fairfax township, where he became a farmer and raiser of thoroughbred Red Pole cattle.  His post office address was Scranton, Kansas which was 4 miles north of the farm.

Elijah Smith Borland was born in Osage County New York, on January 3, 1821.  He preempted a quarter about two miles east and two miles south of Scranton.

During the Civil War he enlisted in company I., of the Kansas 11th., Cavalry, on September 5, 1862.  He was wounded at Westport Missouri, on October 23, 1864, and rejoined his regiment in the spring of 1865.  He was mustered out September 21, 1865.

E. S. Borland told that when he went into the amy he traded two eighty acre tracts of land for a horse and a gold watch.  He lost the gold watch and the horse was stolen so that his trade did not turn out to be a very profitable venture.

Elijah Borland from Burlingame, Kansas, enlisted in Company I, 11th Kansas Infantry in September 1862; the regiment was reorganized in April 1863 as the 11th Kansas Cavalry. The 11th was involved in the 1864 battles against General Sterling Price at Lexington, Little Blue, Independence, Westport, and Mine Creek. Borland was wounded at the Battle of Westport. He was mustered out of service in September 1865.
He and Maria Warner were married July 3, 1867.  His was the first marriage license issued in the county under the new law.  Maria Warner and E. S. Borland were married in her parent's stone house which was located just across the road west of the Carbondale Cemetery.  Maria Warner walked down the road the morning of her wedding day and gathered wild flowers for her wedding bouquet.   

They had six children who were:

Wesley Borland
Louis Borland.
Elijah Borland Jr.
Thomas Frederick Borland.
Lois Borland.
Earl Borland, who died in infancy. 

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