Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Peter A. Hartig

Peter A. Hartig.
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Peter Anton Hartig

Birth: Mar. 23, 1823.
Death: Jan. 22, 1902, Douglas County, Kansas.

Wife: Franciska Hartig.

Children: Lotho, Theresa, Emil G., Frank, Barbara, Loster, John, Thracie.

Burial: Holy Family Cemetery, Eudora, Douglas County, Kansas.

Mr. Hartig came to Douglas County, Kansas, from Illinois in 1857, He settled in Eudora township in the new town of Eudora, Kansas, which he was one of the founding fathers In Eudora he was a Undertaker and Cabinet maker..

Capt. Peter Hartig, an original townsman of Eudora in 1865, donated an acre of land for Holy Family Catholic Cemetery. It furnishes a last resting place for the doner, who was instantly killed by the Santa Fe California Flyer, less than 200 feet from his home, when he was crossing the tracks on his way up town to do some shopping. Mr. Hartig's hearing was impaired and he did not hear the danger whistles of the engineer nor the noise of the fast approaching train and before he could cross the track was struck by the engine and his body was hurled into the air at which it skidded 25 feet more through the snow.

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