Thursday, November 20, 2014

Orsemous A. Kenyon.

Picture publish date 1919.
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Orsemous A. Kenyon.

Birth: 1858, New York.
Death: 1937.

Wife: Mary Frances Fall Kenyon< ( 1858-1921 ).

Children: Ira C., Emery H., Bernice E., Karsey A., Bert W., O. A. Kenyon Jr., Karsas,.

Burial: Forest Home Cemetery, Rice county, Kansas.

Mr. Kenyon came to Rice county, Kansas, in 1893, and settled in section 8, of  Odessa township.  He had a 640 acre farm called Evergreen Heights.  His post office address was Little River, Kansas, which is 8 miles south east from the farm.

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