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Picture publish date 1898.
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HORACE G. LYONS, farmer, Section 1, P. O. Topeka, owns 160 acres, about ninty (sic) acres in cultivation and ten acres in orchard and the rest in meadow and pasture; has ten horses, twenty-six head of cattle and ten hogs. Was born in Susquehanna County, Penn., August 2, 1832, and came from native place to Kansas in the spring of 1856, locating on his present farm. Has been Township Trustee for three years, and served on School Board for three years. Was married November 10, 1876, to Miss Sarah A. Bush; they have three children - Nellie E., John H. and Jennie M., and are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1861, Mr. L., being temporarily in the East, was in United States service for six months in the Carpenters' Department, returning to Kansas in time to to engage in the repulse of Price in his raid on the border and was captured, but was fortunate enough to make his escape, but narrowly escaped falling in the hands of bushwackers by hiding in the grass as they passed, and returned home in safety.

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