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Avoca Kansas.

Avoca is in Grant township, township 7-S., Range 13-E. I could not find when Avoca was founded but the Loughmiller family was there in 1858.  The Postoffice started in 1871 and ran to 1907.  All the information here will be bits and pieces put togather.  All the names listed here either lived in Avoca or used it's P. O., for their mailing address.

Avoca School, No. 51, was just north of town and ran from 1871 through 1947.

Pensioners of Avoca.

Mary Clements, Widow, $8, per month.

Thomas H. Cox, Bronchitis & dis lungs, $14, per month pension started in June 1876.

Robert Marvin, Diarr& rec dis of liver, $4, per month.

Avoca Marriages.

W. H. Brakey and Irene E. McCreigh, September 3, 1890.

Other Avoca's

There were three other towns in Kansas named Avoca, they were in Butler county, Chase county and Shawnee county.

Avoca's Land.

In 1860, Jacob Loughmill, a vet of the war of 1812, sold 80 acres to John Loughmiller in section 18.

In 1860, Henry Loughmiller a vet of the war of 1812, sold 80 acres to Henry J. Dawson Section 19.

Plat Book.
Township 7-S, Range 13- E., Sec. 10.

To see a full size map of this township and to look up the sections talked about in this page take this link.

Avoca 1881.

Sam. Segrist, Canton, Bern, Switzerland, Township 7 Range 13, Section 25, came in 1878, Farmer and stock raiser.

David H. Hagar, Worcester Mass., Township 7 Range 13., Section 30, came in 1870, Farmer and Postmaster.

Plat Book.
Township 7-S, Range 13- E., Sec. 10.

To see a full size map of this township and to look up the sections talked about in this page take this link.

Avoca 1903.

David H. Hagar, Farmer and stock raiser and dealer in General Merchandies, Secton 30.

Jenkins Morris, Farmer and stock raiser, Secton 32.

T. H. Loughmiller, Farmer and stock raiser, Secton 30.

Frank Segrist, Farmer and stock raiser, Secton 19.

W. T. Van Horn, Farmer and stock raiser, Secton 30.

N. Wanner, Farmer and stock raiser, Secton 29.


May 4, 1878-Our school is under the management of Walter Segrist. J. W. Norris is rapidly bringing our Sunday School to a high plane. (Avoca News written by'Remle')

January 23, 1882 - Republican caucus met at Avoca. John Bayes was elected chairman. Delegates were D. H. Hager, R. B. Loughmiller and R. M. Owens. I congratulate Buck's Grove in procuring services of H. F. Graham in their school. There are 50 pupils enrolled.

December 26, 1901 -Avoca News - John Kroth of Custer County, Oklahoma, is visiting with parents and other relatives.


March 1, 1887 - The exibition given by the Avoca Theatrical Company the last day of school was a success. The receipts were $12.00. The weather that night was very bad and the creek became so high that nearly all who lived on the east side had to remain in the school house all night.

February 28, 1893 - The band boys from Avoca are talking of disorganizing, owing to so many of the boys having moved away. The Leaguers of the Grove are preparing to give a literary meeting one week from next Sunday evening. The traveling man for The Abbot Mercantile Company, who had a mishap here with his huckster wagon some time, came out last week and took his wagon and produce back to Holton.

From Avoca news by Alice Mary.

August 24, 1899 - Some of our people are expecting to attend the log rolling at St. Marys next Thursday.

September 4, 1899 - School began this morning at Avoca with Mr. Heath of Holton as teacher.

February 26, 1903 - The box supper at Avoca Wednesday night was a grand success. The proceeds amounted to $26.60. Three boxes brought the sum of $7.50.

June 19, 1878 - West Jackson Items - The last musical entertainment at Avoca was given by our worthy citizen, Henry Kroth. It was quite an enjoyable occasion.

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