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Kansas Pension Roll 1883.

The following names were taken from the Kansas pension roll of 1883, these names come from different Kansas Counties.

Alpheus S. Blakely, Rank Private, Company E., Unit 34 ILL., U. S. Infantry, Residence MARION, OGLE CO, ILL., Age 42, Height 5' 11 ½, Hair BROWN, Eyes BLUE, Complexion FLORID, Marital Status MARRIED, Occupation FARMER, Nativity FRANKLIN CO, MA., Joined When SEP 24, 1861, Joined Where MARION, ILL., Period 3 YRS, Muster In SEP 7, 1861, Muster In Where CAMP BUTLER, ILL.

Pension, No. 26, 637, Alpheus S. Blakely, wounded left hip. Pension $8., per month, Home Carter Creek,

Breyman, George, 15th Regiment, Kansas Cavalry , Company B.
Note. No information at his time.

Pension No. 142, 375, Gun shot in right shoulder & forearm, Pension $8., per month. Home Carter Creek, Kansas.

Private Dewey Charles E., home Garnett, enlisted Aug. 11, '62, mustered in Sept. 11, '62. Remarks Name not on muster-out roll.

Pension No. 48,122, Charles E. Dewey, chro. rheumatism $6.00, per month. Home Garnett Kansas.

Jacob M. Worley, (Veteran.) Age 21. Residence Davis County, nativity Indiana. Enlisted Aug. 17, 1861. Mustered Sept. 4, 1861. Re-enlisted and re-mustered Feb. 1, 1864. Transferred to Invalid Corps. Returned to Company Feb. 19, 1864. Mustered out Aug. 9, 1865, Atlanta, Ga.

Pension No. 148, 983, Worley, Jacob M. Gun shot wound in left arm pension $6.00, per month, home Clay Centre, Kansas.

Moses R. Walker, Rank Private, Company F., Unit 116 ILL., U. S. Infantry, Residence CHENEYS GROVE, MCLEAN CO, ILL., Age 28, Height 5' 7, Hair DARK, Eyes BLUE, Complexion FAIR, Marital Status MARRIED, Occupation FARMER, Nativity PICKAWAY CO, OH., Joined When AUG 11, 1862, Joined Where CHENEYS GROVE, ILL., Period 3 YRS, Muster In SEP 6, 1862, Muster In Where DECATUR, ILL., Muster Out JUN 7, 1865, Muster Out Where WASHINGTON, D. C.

Pension 73, 826, Moses R. Walker, wounded in the hand and side of face, pension $18., per month home Green, Kansas.

Private Tefft James M. enlisted Sept. 1, '61, mustered in Oct. 12, '61 Promoted Corporal. Corporal Tefft James M. enlisted Sept. 1, '61, mustered in Oct. 12, '61 Re-enlisted Veteran. Private Tefft James M. enlisted Jan. 1, '64 Jan., mustered in 1, '64 Discharged for disability January 28, 1865.

Pension No. 153,242, Tefft, James M., home Garnett, Kansas, Gun shot wound to right heel, pension $4.00, per month, start of pension May, 1878.

Second Regiment Kansas Volunteers - Cavalry
Company A

Private Stailey Martin V. B., home Greely, Kansas, enlisted Oct. 19, '61, mustered in Oct. 19, '61, Mustered out Nov. 12, '64, at Leavenworth, Kan.

Pension No. 206,217, Stailey, Martin V.B., home Garnett, Kansas, disease of eyes, pension $4.00, per month, pension started Apr., 1882

112th. New York, infantry company C.

Gideon W. Smith, wounded in thigh, Cold Harbor, June 1, '64; promoted Corporal, July 26, '64; absent since June 1, '64.

Pension No.195,207, Smith, Gideon W., home Welda, Kansas Gun shot wound to right hip, pension $6.00, per month, pension started, Aug., 1881.

40th. Indiana Infantry, Company C.

Ambrose L. Bell, Date Enrolled: 1861/12/06, Where Enrolled: Bainbridge, Indiana, Age: 22, Discharge Date: 1864/05/, Notes: Discharge due to wounds received at Mission Ridge.

Pension No. 29, 568, Bell, Ambrose L., home Geneva, Kansas wound of right forearm.

Sylvester H. Stofer, Rank Private Company E., Unit 112 IL US INF, Residence PENN, STARK CO, IL, Age 33, Height 5' 9, Hair BROWN, Eyes HAZEL, Complexion LIGHT, Marital Status MARRIED, Occupation FARMER, Nativity Ohio. Joined When AUG 13, 1862, Joined Where WYOMING, IL., Period 3 YRS, Muster In SEP 20, 1862, Muster In Where PEORIA, IL., Remarks; DISCHARGED NOV 1863 FOR WOUNDS .

Pension No. 35, 160, Stofer, Sylvester home Savonburgh, Kansas, wound. of right forearm.

HENRY MANGELSDORF, Private, 15th., Missouri Infantry, Company A., Age 19, enlisted July 16, 1861, at St., Louis arsenal, mustered in September 2, 1861, at St., Louis aesenal. Remarks; Sick in hospital since December 2, 1861. Missing in action September 20, 1863. Mustered out at expiration of term.

Pension No. 70,148 ,Mangelsdorf, Henry, home Atchison, Kansas, Gun shot wound of left hip.

Erick or Errick T. Ellis, rank Saddler, 11th., Indiana Cavalry, Company L., Date Enrolled: 1864/01/12, Where Enrolled: Wabash, Indiana, Age: 35, Regiment: 126, Co. L., Cavalry/ Battery Unit: 11th Cavalry, Discharge Date: 1865/09/19.

Pension No. 139,304, Ellis, Errick T., home Atchison, Kansas snake-bite 2 fingers of right hand pension $2.00, per month, pension started May,1876.

SLAWSON, Charles W. Corporal, age 36, enlisted at Guilford New York.

Pension No. 62,734, Slawson, Chas. W., home Atchison, Kansas Gun shot wound of pelvis pension $24.00, per month.

Wallace Bradford, private 53rd., Pennsylvania Infantry Company A., mustered in February 23, 1864. Wounded April 2, 1865; absent at muster out.

Pension No. 66,859, Bradford,Wallace, home Atchison, Kansas wound of left. leg Pension $14.00, per month.

William John Estill, Captain, Company F., Unit 28th., IL US INF, Residence PETERSBURG, MENARD CO, IL, Age 34, Height 5' 9 ¼, Hair BROWN, Eyes BLUE, Complexion LIGHT, Marital Status MARRIED, Occupation MERCHANT, Nativity PETERSBURG, MENARD CO, IL., Joined When AUG 2, 1861, Joined Where PETERSBURG, IL., Period 3 YRS, Muster In AUG 19, 1861, Muster In Where CAMP BUTLER, IL., Remarks DISCHARGED JUN 10, 1863.

Pension No. 34, 017, Estill, William John, home Medicine Lodge, Kansas, wounded in right. Leg, pension $20.00, per month.

Charles G. Turney, private, Company C., Unit 55th., IL., US INF, Residence DURAND, IL., Age 37, Height 5' 4, Hair BROWN, Eyes GRAY Complexion LIGHT, Occupation CARPENTER, Nativity CANADA, Joined When OCT 8, 1861, Period 3 YRS, Muster In OCT 31, 1861, Muster In Where CHICAGO, IL. Remarks DISCHARGED FOR DISABILITY JAN 28, 1863 (AS SERGEANT.

Pension No. 41, 594, Turney, Charles G., home Medicine Lodge, Kansas, wounded in right leg and injure to back, pension $12.00, per month.

David N. Sayers, private, Company F Unit 30th., IL US INF, Residence MARSHALL, CLARK CO, IL., Age 20, Height 5' 8 1/2, Hair BROWN, Eyes GRAY, Complexion FAIR, Marital Status SINGLE, Occupation FARMER, Nativity CLARK CO, IL., Joined When JAN 1, 1864, Joined Where VICKSBURG, MS., Period 3 YRS, Muster In JAN 24, 1864, Muster In Where VICKSBURG, MS., Muster Out JUL 17, 1865, Muster Out Where LOUISVILLE, KY. Remarks VETERAN APPOINTED CORPORAL MAR 1, 1865.

Pension No. 99, 428, Sayers, David N., home Medicine Lodge, Kansas, Gun shot wound in left thigh near knee-joint. Pension $4.00, per month, start of pension Aug., 1869.

STRONG, Aaron W., private 114th., New York Infantry, Company H., Age,40, enlisted at McDonough, New York, September 3, 1862.

Pension No. 99,080 Strong, Aaron W., home Ellenwood, Kansas, shell wound right. knee & Gun shot wound left thigh pension $18.00, per month.

Ira, John B., Hosp Steward, 73rd., Ohio infantry, Co F & S, enlisted, 27 Dec 16, 1861, 3 yrs. Promoted from private Co H Mar 15, 1862; to 2nd Lt Co H Jan 21, 1863.

Pension No. 96,167, Ira, John B. home Ellenwood, Kansas, Gun shot wound left leg, pension $10.00, per month.

Isaiah J. Shaw, private, 20th, Indians infantry, company G. H., Date Enrolled: 1862/08/21, Where Enrolled: Lafayette, Indiana, Age 21., Notes: Recruit. Transferred to 20 Re-organ. Co. F

Pension No. 140,034,Shaw, Isaiah J. home Fort Scott, Kansas Gun short wound left forearm, pension $4.00, per month, start of pension. July, 1876

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