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Kansans Who Lost A Limb.

Here are some well known Kansans that can be easily found on the internet. I am always on the look out for some interesting facts about Kansans. These men all lost a limb in war or by a accident. The lost of a limb did not stop them from living a full and interesting life.

O. C. Ross.

O. C. Ross, will working for a bridge construction gang, and while doing his duty, the handcar which he was riding was struck by a freight train and in the subsequent wreck Mr. Ross lost one of his arms and nearly lost a leg.

Levi/Lee Utt, Capt. Co. A, 7th. Kansas Cavalry. Promoted to Maj. Nov.17,1864. A resident of White Cloud, Doniphan County, Kansas and nephew to Josephus Utt. Born Nov. 20, 1840, Jersey County, Ill. Died March 21, 1895 San Diego Co. Calif. Married to Sarah M. Gunn. Was wounded in the leg during action against Confederate forces at Leighton, Ala. April, 1863. Lost his leg but returned to duty with a wooden leg and was nicknamed "timber toes" by his men.


He lost a leg in the battle of Kenesaw Mountain and was discharged at the United States hospital at Camp Douglas, Illinois, in February, 1865.

Rank PrivateCompany H Unit 112th., ILL., US INF, Residence CAMBRIDGE, HENRY CO, ILL., Age 19, Height 6', Hair LIGHT, Eyes GREY, Complexion LIGHT, Occupation FARMER, Nativity TIOGA CO, PA., Joined When MAR 19, 1864, Joined Where CAMBRIDGE, ILL., Period 3 YRS, Muster In MAR 19, 1864, Muster In Where SPRINGFIELD, ILL. DIED OF WOUNDS FEB 19, 1865 LOST LEFT LEG.


In October, 1861, he enlisted among the boys in blue of company B, Thirteenth Iowa Volunteer Infantry for a term of three years and was soon at the front, fighting the battles of the country. He participated in the engagements at Shiloh, Corinth, Iuka and the battles and skirmishes of the campaign of 1862, and at the battle of Raymond, Mississippi, he lost his leg on the 12th of May, 1863, and 12 days later he was captured and remaind[sic] in captivity for 8 weeks, although paroled on day of capture. His injury, however, was so great that he could not be moved. On the 5th of October, 1863, on account of the loss of his limb, he was honorably discharged and returned to his home.

Fred Burnham, lost a leg to a rattlesnake bite.

Fred Schuyler Jackson.

Enlisted in the Second Kansas state militia. At Pony creek, early in the war, he lost a leg, being one of the first men wounded in that historic conflict.

George Washington Rice.

George Washington Rice, was Civil War veteran who had lost a leg in the Battle of the Wilderness

Orpheus Saeger Woodward.

Came to Kansas in 1868. Married September 9, 1861 to Miss Marietta Himrod. Was a Colonel in the 83rd Pennsylvania Regiment. Lost a leg in the battle of the Wildnerness.

O. S. Woodward, Colonel, 83rd., Pennsylvania infantry, company F. & S., mustered in August 26, 1861, 3., years. Remarks; Enrolled at Erie, Pa., August 1, 1861; promoted from Captain, Company D to Colonel, March 28, 1864; to Brevet Brigadier General, March 13, 1865; wounded, with loss of leg, at Wilderness, Va., May 5, 1864; mustered out, September 20, 1864, expiration of term.

Vincent B. Osborne.

Vincent B. Osborne, Private of Company A, Second Kansas Cavalry, who lost his right leg January 17, 1865, on the steamer Anna Jacobs on the Arkansas River.

Private Osborn Vincent B., home Fort Ellsworth, enlisted Feb. 19, '62, mustered in Feb. 19, '62. Remarks, Disc. for dis. May 8, '65, at Little Rock, Ark., caused by wounds rec'd in right limb, Jan. 17, '65, on steamer Anna Jacobs; limb amput. above the knee

Isaiah Cooper.

In May, 1862, he enlisted and was made captain of Company K, 99th Reg. Illinois Vol. Inf., and at Black River Bridge, near Vicksburg, he was in a furious engagement with the enemy, and while gallantly leading his command was so wounded that he lost an arm. He was invalided home and later was honorably discharged.

Isaiah Coope, Rank Captain, Company K Unit 99th., ILL., US INF, Residence NEW SALEM, PIKE CO, ILL., Age 45, Height 6' ¾, Hair GREY, Eyes GREY, Complexion DARK, Marital Status MARRIED, Occupation FARMER, Nativity CLARK CO, IN., Joined When JUL 22, 1862, Joined Where NEW SALEM, ILL., Period 3 YRS, Muster In AUG 23, 1862, Muster In Where FLORENCE, ILL., Remarks RESIGNED MAR 29, 1864.

James J, Revel who lost an arm while serving in the Confederate army, is now a veterinary surgeon in Oklahoma.

William Randall.

William Randall, his wife, Lucinda Amanda, and children, Mary (Mrs. Ebenezer Elliott, of Stockdale, Riley county), Maud (Mrs. Garrard Mack), Minnie (Mrs. James Elliott), and William, came here from Rock Island, Ill., in 1871. He bought 148 acres of land of Pierce, a brother-in-law of Pomeroy, of Emporia, which is now owned by Will Grossnickle, near Arispie, in Sherman township. Mr. Randall is a native of England, having come from there in 1848. He was a sailor by profession, and served in the United States navy in the Mexican war, where he lost his arm. His wife is a native of New York.

Ira Day Brougher.

Ira Day Brougher, who arrived in this county in 1874. He was born May 14, 1843, in York County, Pennsylvania. He received his early education in the schools of that state and at the beginning of the war he enlisted in the 130th, Pennsylvania and was a member of Company F. He began his enlistment June 9, 1862, and was honorably discharged January 3, 1863. He re-enlisted in the U. S. Military Railroad Department and saw active service until 1866. He took part in the battle of South Mountain, Maryland, and later lost his right arm as the result of a wound received at the battle of Antietem.

Thaddeus C. Frazier.

In June, of 1861, he went to the front as a member of the Eighth Division, Missouri State Guard, in which he served until the battle of Wilson's Creek, on August 10, 1861, in which he lost his right arm.


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