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The Death Of John Tanner


Notice of Death for JOHN TANNER.


It is with pain that we announce the death of JOHN TANNER, the young man that was wounded by the skyrocket on the evening of the Fourth, in this city. He remained apparently unconscious (sic) from the time he was wounded until he died, on Tuesday last (Jul. 11) about four o’clock. This sad occurance (sic) is deeply deplored by all and it is to be hoped that in the future, greater care will be given to guard against accidents of this kind.

Mr. Tanner, the father of the young man, is a man with a large family and very poor circumstances. All expenses attending the case, medical attendance and funeral, will be furnished by the city. Mr. Tanner and family, has the heart-felt sympathies of the people in this community, in this their hour of bereavement.

(Accident Report)
Transcribed and Contributed by Marvel Delahaye


Accident Report for JOHN TANNER.


During the display of fireworks on the evening of the Fourth, a sky rocket was accidentally discharged into the crowd, surrounding the stand, which struck a boy in the face, crushing in the left cheek bone and making a frightful wound, and one that if he should live and get well, will disfigure him for life. The boy is about sixteen years old and is the son of JOSEPH TANNER, living about six miles northeast of this city. Medical attendance was given by all our physicians immediately, but at the present writing, twenty-four hours later, he is still unconscious and fears are entertained that he will not recover.

No blame is attached to any one for this accident, sad as may possibly be its termination, but what we would say, is, that, in general, the display of fire works are always attended with more or less danger. Several instances have come under our observation similar to this accident, where persons have been seriously injured by sky-rockets, and would it not be as well to spend our money for other things for amusements that are attended with no danger.

Note. John W Tanner, was born on May 31, 1858, and died on July. 11, 1876, and his burial was at; Lone Elm Cemetery, Columbus, Cherokee County, Kansas

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